The Amazing Spider-Man #1 Review

(Review) The Amazing Spider-Man #1


Peter parker is back and we couldn’t be happier. After the heaviness of Superior Spider-Man this book seems so light hearted, but it is all just because of Peter. Which really says alot about the writing of Dan Slott. He can write two characters that are completely different, yet make you believe in both of them.



Dan Slott is one of my favourite writers, his ability to craft stories spanning several issues is amazing (that adjective was intentional). and we are dealing with the aftermath of everything Otto did as Peter Parker.

Peter has woken up to being a doctor, and a ceo of his own company. Most importantly, he has woken up to living with Anna Maria, who still thinks he is the same Peter Parker she loves. how will this play out? do we want them together or is she Otto’s girl, and that’s that?

Slott had me rooting for Otto and now I am so happy Peter is back. Don’t ask me how he controls my emotions, he just does. Some sort of comic book writer science I suppose; possibly voodoo.

One of the perfect parts of this issue is that the first thing peter does when he has a spare minute is he goes on patrol; just swinging around the city, enjoying being Spider-Man. Peter is definitely back.



Humberto Ramos is a talented artist. He has light-hearted and bright art that is perfect for Peter Parker’s Return. It reminds us of the good times, when everyone loved spidey and he protected his city; back when he was known as “the friendly neighborhood spiderman”.



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5/5 Joysticks


For what it is I think it’s perfect. Peter is back and that is clear, but the world around him is very different. How will Peter cope with his new life? what changes are to come? Dan Slott has us eagerly awaiting the next issue.


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