Outside the Box – Permission to Rest – By Alex Curry


Athreos, God of Passage was one of the cards that struck me as an interesting card the first time I saw it, and I immediately wanted to build something utilizing him. Here is “Permission to Rest” a deck using the best disruptive cards in Standard and Athreos the God that always makes you pay:

Permission to Rest

Main Deck: 60

Cretures: 25

4 Soldier of the Pantheon

3 Gnarled Scarhide

4 Precinct Captain

4 Cartel Aristocrat

3 Banisher Priest

4 Lifebane Zombie

3 Athreos, God of Passage


Other Spells: 12

4 Thoughtsieze

3 Hero’s Downfall

3 Banishing Light

2 Brave the Elements


Lands: 23

4 Mana Confluence

4 Temple of silence

4 Godless Shrine

5 Swamp

6 Plains


Sideboard: 15

1 Brave the Elements

2 Revoke Existence

2 Ultimate Price

4 Sin Collector

3 Pharika’s Cure

3 Bile Blight


I have spent some time tweaking and interchanging some cards, as after play testing and getting a feel for the post Journey Into Nyx metagame the decks worst matchups are the midrange decks and let’s face it midrange is fairly rampant.   Elspeth, Sun’s Champion is also a huge nuisance and must be dealt with on the spot or the game will be over in short order.  Anger of the Gods along with Magma spray can also wreck our day making Athreos’ ability useless.  With that I’ll now take you through my deck break down.

Lifebane Zombie:

Since the midrange decks seem to be on the rise I cut the sin collectors from the main deck, as originally I was building this deck to take on control match ups.  Lifebane Zombie is a much more powerful card than Sin Collector in the current meta I feel, with the ability to remove threats from the mono green devotion decks and or Monster variants or Naya Aggro deck lists, and is packing evasion to boot.

Athreos, God of Passage:

I feel this guy is self-explanatory for this deck, but is also one of the biggest reasons I’ve put this list together.  The idea of this deck is to run as any other aggro deck get as much damage in as soon as possible, the added bonus of a deck containing Athreos is that once your opponent has already taken a beating, cards like Supreme Verdict or spot removal become effectively useless or the loss of even more life occurs getting us even closer to winning.

Banisher Priest:

I feel this card has a lot of value in this deck, and more than likely your opponent will always choose to lose the 3 life to Athreos than allow you to be able to recast  Banisher priest.  Not to mention Banisher priest enables us to remove one of their creatures early to be able to attack in.

Cartel Aristocrat:

Cartel Aristocrat is our out to cards like Anger of the Gods, Detention Sphere, and Banishing Light to ensure we get the most out of Athreos.  The Aristocrat also gives us more evasion against the Green Devotion decks which can simply cast blockers that shut us down.

Soldier of the Pantheon and Gnarled Scarhide:

These are simply our turn one aggressive creatures, which remain relevant even in the late game, Soldier with the life gain and protection, Scarhide with the bestow mechanic.

Precinct Captain:

Precinct Captain is just a great two drop giving us good devotion, along with synergy with Cartel Aristocrat by making tokens that we can later sacrifice to be able to get those last few points through.

Thoughtsieze, Hero’s Downfall and Banishing Light:

These cards are simply our other spells that can deal with virtually anything that’s a threat to us, Thoughtsieze through discard and Downfall and Banishing Light being some of the best removal in the format.

Brave the Elements:

This is the newest addition to the deck, but I feel is very relevant and can have a very large effect on the game.  Brave the elements can either be that card that allows for a large swing in that can’t be stopped or another answer to cards like Anger of the gods or detention sphere and other removal that really set us back.  I expect this card will have the ability to close a lot of games.


The land base for this deck is what you might expect, the 4 copies of Mana Confluence ensures that we always have the mana we need to cast things early to get the ball rolling.  I have been debating putting in a Mutavault, but I ended up feeling like the mana base needs to stay the way it is for the aggressive build.  Godless Shrine and Temple of Silence are of course our multicolored mana sources for the deck; add the basics and our main deck is completed.



The third Brave the elements is there if we feel we need another copy against decks running Anger of the Gods or against the Mono Green Devotion lists which shut us down with large blockers into Polukranos, World Eater.  Revoke Existence was originally Deicide, but I feel that Revoke is probably a more relevant card, especially when we are main decking 4 copies of Thoughtsieze.  Ultimate Price, Pharika’s Cure, and Bile Blight are our utility removal spells which come in depending on what we are playing against.  Ultimate price is for the Mono black and or the midrange creature based decks, where Pharika’s Cure is for aggressive decks and Bile Blight for token generating decks… *cough* “Pack rat” or to buy time and take out Elspeth tokens to either kill our opponent or Elspeth herself.  Last But not least is Sin Collector, this is our replacement for Lifebane Zombie against the control match up to remove Sphinx’s Revelations first and foremost or any other card worth taking if they don’t have a Rev in hand.

With that I hope you enjoy this article and I shall see you next time.


Article submitted by Alexander J. Curry

If you would like to send feedback, questions or article ideas please feel free to email Alex at: MTGOutsidethebox@gmail.com


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