Today’s Ten Highest Valued Comics at Auction

These are the top ten most valuable comics. They are valued at what a near mint copy would be worth, not what they necessarily have sold for at auction. We do not know if near mint copies of all of these titles even exist, but we can hope.


10: Captain America Comics #1 ($343,000)


The title book for one of Marvel’s most beloved character, the leader of The Avengers and “America’s greatest hero” would no doubt do well at auction.



9: Action Comics #7 ($414,000)


This comic is still a mystery. No major developments happen in this story (although Superman does join the circus). Why is this comic worth so much? Maybe it simply got lucky at auction once by getting the right bidders.



8: Amazing Fantasy #15 ($447,000)


Spider-Man debuts in this final issue of Amazing Fantasy. The series was not selling very well and although this particular issue sold above average, the book was cancelled regardless. Spider-Man however would receive his own comic titled “The Amazing Spider-Man” just 7 months later.



7: All american Comics #16 ($492,000)


This Flagship DC Comic Debuts Green Lantern. The series went on to debut The Atom, Red Tornado, Doctor Mid-Nite, and Sargon the Sorcerer,  who later became mainstays of the DC comics line.



6: Batman #1 ($534,000)


Take a beloved flagship character from a compilation series and give them their own full book. Thats how you move sales. By this point Batman and Robin are established characters and this book is still going today (although with the New 52, DC reset the numbering).



5: Detective Comics #1 ($541,000)


Detective Comics is the first book in the series that gave us Batman. DC also stands for Detective Comics; this is a huge book for DC and fans have seen that and are willing to pay big bucks for it.



4: Marvel #1 ($572,000)


The Human Torch! No, not Johnny Storm. This one is an android, but still, this is the comic that started the Marvel empire. What Detective Comics did for DC, this comic did for Marvel. Legend says This comic can only be owned by a true believer!



3: Superman #1 ($731,000)


Again, beloved flagship character, their own book, BOOM! Superman is arguably the most iconic comic book character in history. EVERYONE knew who Superman was. I imagine many kids were running to their local spinner rack to pick up Superman #1 when it was released.



2: Detective Comics #27 ($2,230,000)


The debut of The Bat-Man! (just Batman now). This book is one of the most sought after in all of comic book history. It does not matter if you collect DC or Marvel comics, almost everyone sees the value of Detective Comics #27. This comic and the one before it have the biggest jump in Value between any other comics. There is an increase of around $1,500,000



1: Action Comics #1 ($2,890,000)


This is the first issue of the comic book series Action Comics. It features the first appearance of several comic book heroes; especially Superman. For this reason it is considered both the beginning of the super-hero genre and the most valuable comic book of all time: as of 2014 it is the only comic to have sold for more than $2 million for a single original copy.



Which of these comics would you most want in your collection? Let us know in the comments below!


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