Outside the Box – Back to the Core of the Game – By Alex Curry

Back to the Core of the Game


Hello all, and welcome back to Outside the Box, today I want to go through my favorite picks for M15.  I feel that this core set feels almost nostalgic in a sense, the fact they are reprinting pain lands has a lot to do with that for myself as these were all we had to work with in standard as the basic go to lands for a long time.  Most of the cards also feel good, not too many new cards that are broken and nothing that feels completely terrible.


The set of planeswalkers for this set feel really good, except for maybe the new Jace as I feel he will be the one to see the least amount of play.  My favorite has to be the new Nissa as her abilities are outstanding, turning lands into 4/4 tramplers or look super ramp?  I feel her abilities are very well placed with a set containing cards such as Soul of New Phyrexia.  My next favorite is Garruk, Apex Predator, I feel that for as long as we can abuse Nykthos, this guy is going to be insane. I mean, what more does a midrange deck want than this guy?  The new Ajani seems interesting and feels like a mix between the original Ajani Goldmane and his M14 predecessor play testing and time will tell how good he actually is.  Then we have  our returning planeswalkers Lilliana Vess, and Chandra Pyromaster.  The original Lilliana was seriously underplayed during her first time through standard, I do not feel the same mistake will happen this time since her ability to search for cards is her best ability but causing your opponent to discard every turn also doesn’t hurt.  Chandra I feel will see the same kind of treatment as she has been seeing since she is a great card for the mono red deck lists or the Jund lists running her.

Hurray for Slivers! I felt very sad when they didn’t print a 5 colour Sliver in M14, now I just feel they might not have given Sliver Hivelord enough slivers to lord over.  However, the Sliver Hive is an incredible addition to any sliver deck along with Obelisk of Urd.  I will definitely be brewing with our new Slivers in the near future as they were one of my favorite creature types next to maybe Thallids.

I feel the Soul of New Phyrexia is probably the best of the “Soul” cycle but would not be surprised to see Soul of Zendikar or Soul of Theros from seeing constructed play again due to devotion and Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx as multiple activations of almost all the Souls could be game breaking.

Chord of Calling is obviously one of the better reprints in M15 and it will allow Pod players to pick up their copies with a lot more ease.  I feel green is definitely getting the most out of M15, Genesis Hydra, Nissa, Garruk, and of course Chord of Calling add these to the existing decks using Courser of Kruphix.


Indulgent Tormentor seems like an interesting card. It will very much depend on the meta to see if it will be viable or not, as decks that can gain a lot of life or make tokens forever seem really good against this guy but otherwise, this guy is solid.


Scuttling Doom Engine is a card I simply want to play to put Elspeth in her place back under Erebos’ boot, since her tokens can’t block it and if she blows up the “big” field then she is taking 6 damage and hopefully going away regardless.

All in all, M15 looks to be a great core set. I would have preferred different lands but the “pain” lands worked before. Post rotation they will be what we have to work with so I’m over it.  I am excited to start playing with the M15 cards and see what effect it has on the meta.  So stay tuned for my next Out there Sliver concoction and I hope to see you at this coming weekends pre-releases.

Article submitted by Alexander J. Curry

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