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New Days Ahead

Khans of Tarkir spoilers have started and so far it looks like it will be a fun and new block.  Along with the new set coming out for those who have not heard, Khans is the first set that is affected by the changes Wizards is making to the standard format.  The new changes to standard are that instead of a 24 month time frame for a set to be legal in standard they will only be legal for 18 months, however it also comes with the fact that standard will be refreshed at a faster rate keeping the format less stale then it has been in the past.

With that said, let’s get into the spoilers. The most interesting spoilers so far would have to be the reprint of the original fetch lands, this will be a wonderful little tidbit for those who don’t yet have their play sets for the eternal formats, this should also allow standard to be a little more consistent with its mana.


Flooded StrandPolluted Delta
Bloodstained MireWooded FoothillsWindswept Heath



For those who don’t yet know, the returning mechanic for the set is Morph which is an old ability they are bringing back.  Morph works by being able to cast the card with morph for 3 colorless mana and it enters the battlefield face down as a 2/2 creature, then you can pay its morph cost to turn the creature face up which can sometimes causing an additional ability to trigger.

Rattleclaw Mystic

 The Abzan Houses mechanic is Outlast, an ability that allows you to pay the Outlast cost as well as tapping the creature with Outlast and adding a +1/+1 counter on the creature. The Jeskai Way ability is Prowess which allows the creatures with prowess to get +1/+1 until end of turn whenever you cast a non-creature spell.  The Sultai Brood mechanic is Delve another returning mechanic which allows the caster to remove cards from there graveyard to reduce the cost of the spell with Delve by one colorless mana per card exiled.  Mardu Horde gets the Raid ability which causes an effect to occur when the card enters the battlefield if that player has attacked already that turn.  Last but not least is the Temur Frontier and there ability is Ferocious which is a mechanic based on controlling a creature with power 4 or greater.

Herald of AnafenzaJeskai ElderNecropolis FiendMardu Heart-PiercerHeir of the Wilds

The stand out cards that have been spoiled for me so far are, Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker with stats like this I expect that he will definitely see constructed play.  We also have a new Sorin, Solemn Visitor which has some interesting abilities but it will depend on what else is printed if he will see much constructed play or not.  Rattleclaw Mystic could potentially see play just depends on how consistently one can get its morph activation to occur early enough to make it matter.

 Sorin, Solemn VisitorSarkhan, the Dragonspeaker

Stay tuned for more as the set unfolds, until next time enjoy those Sphinx’s Revelations and Pack Rats while you can!

Article submitted by Alexander J. Curry

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