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Khans of Tarkir:

Powerful Potential

So far with all the spoilers of Khans of Tarkir I am pleasantly surprised at how balanced each color wedge feels, usually one or two of the factions feels stronger than the rest usually due to their only being a few power house cards in the set.  Khans already offers us some incredible new cards that will see lots of play in my opinion, the new charm cycle all seem excellent and I doubt the final Abzan one that’s still missing will be any less spectacular then the rest.


Jeskai CharmSultai CharmMardu CharmTemur Charm


The Ascendancy’s all seem quite powerful as well, perhaps some better than others simply due to when one would like to have them on the field as with the shock lands cycling out of standard ramping the Temur Ascendancy out on turn two will be fairly unlikely and getting it on the table before all the fatties is definitely the game plan.  Whereas the Mardu and Abzan Ascendancy’s can come down before an attack to get there effect while already having creatures on the table.

Abzan AscendancyMardu AscendancyTemur Ascendency


The most powerful of the Khans is definitely Anafenza, The Foremost a 4/4 for 3 converted mana cost with the ability to shut down Sidisi, Brood Tyrant as well as make other creatures bigger if they are tapped when she attacks seems pretty insane.

Anafenza the Foremost

It appears that there might be a 3 converted mana cost creature cycle one for each wedge as they have spoiled Mantis Rider along with Savage Knuckleblade both of which are very aggressively costed power houses.

Mantis RiderSavage Knuckleblade

Wingmate Roc also feels like a very powerful creature as it reminds me fully of Broodmate Dragon, the only thing with the Roc is that we have to have already attacked meaning we need a creature on the field to make its effect work, but the ability to gain life for each attacking creature an inverse Hellrider ability seems like a very powerful little tidbit of text.  I feel that the Wingmate Roc will definitely find itself a home in a aggressively positioned midrange deck that can produce a good number of creatures but builds into the midrange finishers if need be.  So in my opinion is the Roc better than Broodmate Dragon? I would say no, but I personally still feel Thundermaw Hellkite is better than Stormbreath Dragon in which the latter is still a very playable and powerful card.

Wingmate Roc

Rakshasa Deathdealer is a card that is definitely making me think that the Abzan or Sultai wedge is going to be incredible. Stats like this  are not seen every day, if you have the opportunity to kill this thing you better take it otherwise it will be a short lived game indeed.

Rakshasa Death Dealer

The last card I want to talk about today is the Sagu Mauler and a card I will probably want to be playing post rotation. I mean a 6/6 Trample Hexproof for 6 converted mana cost is already good, but one with built in ways to cheat it out and potentially counter a removal spell seems like good times to me.

Stay tuned for the full spoiler which should be just around the bend, and my pre-release primer which is also fast approaching!


Article submitted by Alexander J. Curry

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