Copperhead #2 – Comic Book Review – By Brent Gladney

Copperhead 2

Title: Copperhead #2
Writer: Jay Faerber
Artist: Scott Godlewski & Ron Riley

Publisher: Image Comics

Rating:  3.9 / 5

I can definitively say that my expectations were exceeded with this comic. After the average-but-not-astounding opening issue last month, #2 works on a different enough level to let me dig deeper into Copperhead.

We’re brought back to Sheriff Bronson and her deputy Boo as they investigate the grisly murder scene on the town’s outskirts, while Clara’s son gets (narrowly) saved by the mysterious hunter/drifter Ishmael. There’s a bit more character development here, as we see Boo complaining to his recorder, in the absence of Clara, but decides to strike it from the record. Is he coming to terms with his new Sheriff already or is he just fed up? It’s an interesting line to think about, considering the dynamics and logistics of their Sheriff/Deputy relationship and how they were thrust into this conflict. Bronson might need Boo more than Copperhead needs Bronson and currently it’s one of the more exciting aspects of the comic, despite (or perhaps because of) being an undertone and not in the forefront.

Copperhead spread 2

In the liner notes, Faerber mentions how he and Godlewski did this one “Marvel style,” allowing Godlewski to take the reins from a thin framing script by Faerber. I for one found it to be an improvement on the first issue, but again, this might only be a result of first issues generally suffering from some degree of being bogged down with intros and foundation building. Whatever the case, he also says that #3, #4 and #5 were written this way as well. The pacing was perfect and even with the introduction of a couple new faces we are whisked along the action with Ishmael and the scenes in the police station.

Whatever formula Faerber and Godlewski have landed on I hope they keep it up. Copperhead is a solid comic. It isn’t amazing quite yet, but check back with me in two or three issues and I think it will be.

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