SUPERMAN #38 – ­ A Long Time Coming



If you have ever been to The Comic Hunter, picked up a comic book, played a video game, or left your house for more than an hour, you should know who Superman is. He is a genuinely good character, fighting for the world while trying to protect those he loves. For the most part, he is the epitome of all that is good in the world. Well, for the last 60 years at least.

Superman is famous for his many super powers, including heat vision, flight (which I still defend should be jumping over buildings), super strength, and having a body that is nearly indestructible. All powers that have been around for more than half of a century. We have seen these powers come in all sorts of forms, and save this great hero from so many situations, we have lost count. Still it remained, that it was always the same powers that could save him from every villain he faced. What we were unaware of was the other powers that have lived dormant inside of Superman for all of this time. Powers that Batman himself stated he was “almost jealous” about.

This issue is about Superman’s fight with Ulysses, both of which are built to last. A lot of back and forth, and both men decide it’s time to unleash their full potential. Superman’s full potential just happens to include a massive Solar Flare that takes out both himself and Ulysses. Both men knocked unconscious by a blast so powerful it would destroy everything in about a half-mile, well everything except two god-like super humans. It did manage to incapacitate both of the men, with Superman waking up human. Wait, back that up, he’s human? In short, no. The blast does take all of the energy out of his cells though, which does render him basically human for a rejuvenation period. This is about 24 hours of feeling like an everyday mortal.

Writer Geoff Johns and Artist John Romita Jr, did an amazing job at giving Superman this new power to battle a man who could easily overcome some of his previous abilities. Ulysses essentially absorbs all of the power Superman was throwing his way, including the aforementioned heat vision. Superman finally had enough, powering his heat vision up to the Solar Flare, and finished the fight in a draw.

I want to say, the writing in this particular issue is impacting. You can feel the struggle Superman is facing with one of his most difficult challenges ever. You are actually rooting for him to find some way to beat him. Every time he tosses something out, and it doesn’t work, you just keep knowing something big is coming. The build up is amazing, but the overall release of his newly formed power is intense.

What does this new power mean for Superman? Only time will tell, but I can say that there is one man waiting to find out how this power, and it’s human side effect, will play a role in future issues. Make sure to stop by The Comic Hunter and pick up your copy of comic history.


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