Can the worlds greatest archer thrive in his new settings? – All-New Hawkeye Number 1

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Thanks for joining me again with this weeks comic review. As always, I am Adam Atkinson, and I am here to review first issues of different books. I want to bring all of the new, and exciting comics straight to your computer screen, so you can learn enough to buy said issues directly from The Comic Hunter.

All-New Hawkeye Number 1 is written by Jeff LemireĀ (The Valiant, Teen Titans Earth One, etc) and drawn by Ramon Perez (Amazing Spiderman, Feathers 1, etc). Marvel got a good pairing together on this one, and honestly it comes through in the book. Now, I could sit here and spoil every little detail, but I will not. I will instead ask our guests to stop by The Comic Hunter to pick up your copy, based on the following review of the issue.

Let’s start with the writing this time. I was so impressed with Lemires ability to capture the true Hawkeye backstory, and make Clint a believable and misunderstood character. The complete polar opposite feeling to the style of the comic, really played well for a first issue in a series. Now of course most of us know who Hawkeye is, and are somewhat familiar with his backstory, but Lemire brings some of his back story to life, all while jumping back to the modern day agent. So overall I found the writing was clean, and had a lot of imagination. I am looking forward to reading more of Lemires work, and am hoping it continues to be so well thought out in the future issues of this series.

Next of course is the art, but there is not a whole lot to say other than it is outstanding! I love that they jump into a world of design that shows the more rough around the edges, colourful past, but in the modern time the artwork really resembles an old time comic.

Hawkeye1 Hawkeye 2

This example fits the idea of what they are doing perfectly. They are making us fall in love with an origin story, which is wrapped in the overall package of Hawkeye, all while jumping back into his exciting, action packed future. So while the idea of Hawkeye is not the most original, the way the story is going to develop seems to be heading down a new path for the character. I can tell you that I love the artwork. It is clean, crisp, and just really refreshing to see an artist who can switch styles so flawlessly, that you are captivated just in how the change happened. His modern life is so clear, and his past is so murky. You can get that feeling just from the art style, so I would consider that amazingly unique.

All in all, I would give Hawkeye a really high 8.5 in my books. It is a fun read, an original design, and an all around good choice for a new series to get into.If you are looking to get into a new series, and may not be too familiar with Hawkeye, this will still be the perfect pick-up for you.

Happy reading!

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