Who is The Real Arkham Knight? – Batman : Arkham Knight – Issue 1


Hello again comic readers, and welcome to another comic review by myself, Adam. This week we will be reviewing Batman : Arkham Knight which of course is a DC comic written by Peter J. Tomasi (Green Lantern, Batman, Aquaman, Etc), with the art stylings of Viktor Bogdanovic (His first work with DC). I was happy to get a chance to read another on of the Batman video game starters, as Arkham Knight is an awesome prequel to the game.

The following will contain spoilers, so please be warned.

The issue starts where the last game left off, with Batman carrying a now deceased (so we think at this point) Joker in his arms. Dropping the body off with Gordon and the proper authorities, he takes off to head home for the night. In comes a redo of an old villain (don’t want to ruin it) which introduces us to a lot of what is coming. It has been announced that there will be a lot of returning villains, basically a master class created by The Scarecrow.


I want to say that I loved this issue of Batman. From the really powerful writing throughout to the twists and turns it brings you on. I was more that impressed with Tomasi’s ability to bring Batman to life, while adding to the belief that he can overcome any situation no matter how dire. I definitely will be looking forward to grabbing issues two and three, because the writing really carries this comic. Tomasi impressed me with his ability to keep you second guessing, and doing what all comic writers wish we could do, keep you asking for more.

Writing : A-

Now, I have to talk about Bogdanovic’s art style, because it is quite new to DC and comics in general. I can see good technique and he is definitely a talented artist, I was not so impressed with the art style for a Batman story though. I felt it was a bit basic, while not really following the dark tone and style that is The Batman. I felt that the work was a bit sub-par from what we have come to expect from a Batman story. It is clean, do not mistake my words, but it just doesn’t fit the Batman style. More suited for a Superman or Flash, someone with a more light style of art in their stories. I know that he will shine over the next five issues, and will say on record that I feel it is only because of his lack of experience with Batman and DC in general, that this issue has such a light tone.

Art : C+

Overall, this comic is an awesome read, and a must own for Batman readers OR anyone who is thinking they will be playing Arkham Knight in the future. It really starts a good bridge from the last game to this one, and they clearly knew what they were going for when they created this issue. Come into The Comic Hunter to grab your copy, and keep an eye for issue two through six, which should really have your interest going into the game.

Overall : B

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