Dark Horse presents – Frankenstein Underground #1 (of 5)


Hey everyone, this week I have decided to go a bit outside of the norm for me, and review a new comic to the market. Usually I stick with the known characters, but honestly I felt it was time for something a bit fresh. I read Frankenstein Underground, which is written by Mike Mignola (Also an artist/writer for Hellboy) with the art style of Ben Stenbeck (Over my Dead Body, which I could only find on his personal website, but man it was good. Free to read too!). 

Of course we have all heard the story of Frankensteins monster told is so many variations that it makes our head spin, but I am pleased to say this is not one of those times. This Frankenstein is said to have fought Hellboy and lived, but more than that, this story takes place not all that long ago. His story starts with some brief clips of his past, all the way back to 1811, but brings him closer to our time. Not often have I seen a modern day Frankenstein, it has happened, but I do not feel it has happened to this level.

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Writing : A-

I am a fan of Mike Mignola, and have liked a lot of his writing. He is passionate, a bit twisted, but very to the point. This really helps when you are doing stories about the monsters that go bump in the night. It worked with Hellboy, and it is working with this series so far. I am waiting to see what is in store for the character, and love the angles they are taking with his intelligence, and caring spirit. All together, he has written the monster in such a way that you feel for him. You know that the things he has done are mainly to protect himself from the torture of others. Even begging for death in multiple cases, but knowing it will not come.

Art : A

I thought the art style was messy, dirty, no straight lines, and am pretty sure this artist has no idea what a straight edge is, and I absolutely loved it for this style of comic. His interpretation of the monster, and the multitude of other monsters in the comic was amazing, and honestly it is one of the most fitting styles I could have hoped for. Comparing this art to the art in his other personal story, you can tell this is how it was supposed to look. Almost two completely opposite stylings.


I think this is an amazing start to a series, and really look forward to see where this team takes the next five issues. My only concern is that they opened to many story arcs in the first issue, it will be hard to “finish” the story after five issues. Who knows what the end game is though, I sure don’t, and that is why  intend to keep reading.


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Photo : newsarama.com

Thanks again everyone, and if you have an issue #1 you want to see reviewed, pop me a message in the comments to let me know.

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