Graveyard Shift (001) – When Things Go Bump In The Night.


Good day comic fans, and welcome to another review of a comic number one by me, Adam. This week I am reviewing a comic that is not brand new, but I will be reviewing the first issue. We all want to see if a new series is worth getting into, and that is what I am here to help with. Graveyard Shift is the combined efforts of writer Jay Faerber (Noble Causes, Vampirella, and many more!) and artist Fran Bueno (Noble Causes and Graveyard Shift), so the team has worked together in the past, and it shows.

Graveyard Shift is another take on a vampire story, but it does a good job of bringing a fresh look to the genre. It is dark, and quite sadistic, at least in the first issue. It made me want to see so much more of this world, and the monsters that dwell inside of it. SPOILER – The story starts with a group of police officers raiding an apartment trying to find the man inside. They think by doing it in the morning, they will get the drop on him. Hard to get a drop on a Vampire though, especially at night. A battle ensues, a lot of shots fired, and a lot of dangerous consequences in the issue.


Writing – A

I was so in love with the writing in this issue, that I had to look into getting his other works. I appreciate his style, as it is fulfilling with the style that is needed for this type of story. He makes you want to read the next sentence every time, which is rare in a writer. Only singular negative I had, was the “twist” in this issue was all but too predictable. That being said, this is a first issue, so it makes me want to read more. I need to know what else is coming.

Art – A

Finally, an art style that is perfect in the story it is telling. Just the right amount of realism, mixed with fantasy, to get the point across. They use the art properly to make the comic come off even more dark then it would have been otherwise. It attaches you to the characters, and you can sense the pain they are really feeling when negative things happen to them. The meld of the two together, really work well. You can tell easily that there was a previous work relationship, as the flow was spot on.

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Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of the Vampire Genre, or even dark and gritty comics, then you need to give this one a chance. It will be a fun read, and I am looking forward to reading more in the future. Remember to stop by The Comic Hunter and get your copy, the staff there is always so happy to help, as this one was a recommendation to me. Definitely worth the risk and the money to take a chance.

Tune in next week, I will be reviewing The Empty, until then may the works you read be the best you’ve seen.

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