The Empty (001) – Can The World Survive Itself?


Welcome to another review of first issue comics, this week we will be doing a comic by the name of The Empty. The Empty is written AND drawn by Jimmie Robinson (Wolverine : Enemy of the State and Bomb Queen) so this will be the first review I’ve done where I am ranking one person on all of the work done. I am always excited to see a single creator, knowing what the work is like just to be one half of a creative team.

The Empty is about a world which is dying, and doing so quickly. The world is feeding off of itself, while poisoning the animals, people, and plant life around. This is causing odd mutations, and rampant death among the survivors, who have basically reverted to our base instincts. We hunt, we eat, we mate, and we kill, basically in that same order. Overall, a good and refreshing take on the end of the world. I haven’t read another comic that uses this style to show us what could happen if the world started to fight back.

Writing – A-

I like Robinson’s style of writing, as he has the ability to give you more then you need to get to where he wants you to be. The writing is fresh, and a bit strange. I like it for those reasons, it is different then most other styles I’ve read. Refreshing would be the best word to describe it. Robinson does good in his dialogue as well, making it believable.

Art – B-

The artwork is good, but it is a really confusing style. I know that the art is meant to change humans into new designs, explaining what would happen in the world if his creation were reality (elongated arms for one race, and long necks for the other), but the art style is almost too “cutesy” for the dark style he seemed to be going for. The style is very relaxed, with little definitive line work, and it almost comes off rushed. I am sure that the style works for this story, but it is lacking artistically comparing it to other recent comics on the market.

Empty 2

Final Thoughts

This comic will be a great read for anyone who likes a very cartooney style of comic, with a new take on the end of the world. I feel like I still want to know where the story goes, as I am expecting good things from Robinson. Give it a shot, and see if number one helps to sway your opinion as it has mine. I love the read, and believe it to be more than worth it. Stop by The Comic Hunter and grab your copy now, seriously do not wait.

Next week, we will be doing a review on Baldurs Gate Issue 1 – Tyranny of Dragons.

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