Comic Hunter Book Club – The Wake By : Snyder and Murphy

The Wake

Matt : Overall 7.5

Matt felt the comic was really hard to put down. It was original, nice, and Imaginative. There are some ifs and buts about the story, but you won’t know this in the start. The small details were meticulous and really drawn in well. A few things should have had a bit more explanation, such as if the Mers and Humans were both evolved from the same race, and if they were, why was there a 30ft tall Mer, when there is no 30ft tall humans. Main complaint was that they didn’t spend any time developing the pirate storyline. No detail to them, and they are tossed into a war. Matt felt Snyder had a lot of story to tell, and not enough time to do so. Why is there fuel in the moon, and why does she instantly get along with the Mer once the ship take off? (Have fun following this train without reading the story)

Rene : Overall 6

Rene thought the overall story was enjoyable. He did prefer the start when it felt like an Abyss style story, and wishes that the one big change would be compiling the flashbacks in the end of the story, to show us a complete story start to finish. Everything made sense, and was easy to follow, until the very end of the book. Once they blew up the moon with the alien ship to get fuel to leave the planet they were destroying, he gave up on the story making sense.

Marie-ève : Overall 8

Marie-ève liked the story, and felt it was intriguing and strange. Had to have a bit explained by Andrew, but it didn’t ruin the story. The art was good, and the only thing she would change would be a bit more explanation.

Andrew L : Overall 9

Andrew really liked this book. He has gone back and read it twice, and will be going back to read it again with some of it making more sense in our discussions. He spent the time drawing a timeline of events to make it a bit clearer.  There was a bit of ambiguity to the story. If you go in expecting a Science Fiction comic, where everything connects well, it does not hit that part well. Andrew liked that they play a lot on myths and legends. He was willing to accept a bit of the sway in the plot, and even got the main plot even while riddled with plot holes.

Jeff : Overall 5

“Like most of my relationships, starts off really well and by the end I am just like what the hell?” First part was really good, when they were trying to escape the base, he got a sense of Snyder trying to rush the story along, which fit because they were trying to escape. It fit the story at that moment. Last quarter of the book was total shit, did not like it. The biggest part was every one asking about the moon, and it not being important. Well if it was not important, why bring it up? You get a lot from the myths they go over in the start, but at the end you are still trying to connect the pieces. Took a massive nose dive. The art was okay, it was not bad for sure. “They talk about tears making you forget, there isn’t enough tears to make me forget this.”

Kenan : Overall 7.5

I liked the art throughout the whole book, but the second half really lost me story wise. I was not a fan of all of the confusion.

Andrew : Overall 8

Andrew is a huge Sean Murphy fan, started reading when he was doing Joe the Barbarian, and Punk Rock Jesus, so he was a massive fan of his work. Beyond that he Super Duper loved this book. Marie-eve started reading it for book club before him. She was reading it and said it was a good book, and she was confused at the end. He had to go back and read it because he had selectively remembered it. Some things were not jiving with him. It’s got the underwater horror type story to start, like The Thing. When it jumped forward, instead of exploring the Mer mythos, it started to get confusing. It did not show us the building of the story, it just felt rushed a bit. Through explaining it to Marie-eve, and re-reading it he grasped more. Agree with Snyder, wish it was more than 10 issues long. More diving into the actual story and mythos instead of a jumbled end. Love they adopted the fish language as their swear words. Just wishes again, it was longer.

Doug : Overall 8

Doug knows nothing about comics, and is really new to the scene (his own words). Never read Snyder, or seen Murphy except for Severed. He was really drawn in by the art. Could not stop once he started to read. First part was absolutely fantastic, loved the characters and the pacing. There was surprises, and it was very engaging. Second part, felt a bit lost. Had to slow down and really read the details. Felt Snyder was trying to get the reader to pay attention. The American stuff was over the top, drove him crazy, but really loved the Governess. Well, loved to hate her. By the time he got to when they entered the snow, he found himself completely lost. He managed to power through but enjoyed it enough to say he wants to read it again. He did find he wanted more, or just have the ten issues really cleaned up a little bit.

Sherry : Overall 8

“First part started with a girl and her dolphin starting a drug trade. Captured by the evil empire, saved by pirates, go on an adventure, decided to stay with Dash and not go on the spaceship, and becomes friends with the Mermen.” (Her exact words! Also the most accurate review.)

Josh : Overall 8

Always finds a way to work in an Orca into the story. Baffled by bullshit, is the term that would fit this story. Everybody had to read it twice, which is good but also shows how confusing it really is. He feels like Scott Snyders bedroom is just covered in Orca’s, as he always finds a way to work them into the story. He was so engaged in the story and the art, had to keep going over it. Just got really lost in the story.

Michel : Overall 7.5

Same thing as the others. Really enjoyed the art and the world-building. The tone of the first part was really good. Almost a horror and thriller, but the second part was more of an adventure which was fun. The ending of the second part let him down. He was still confused by the ending. Felt that Snyder had no idea where to go at the end of the 9th issue, couldn’t tie it together in one single issue.

Remi : Overall 8.5

Art is amazing, and Sean Murphy is an awesome artist. The story and storytelling is great from start to finish as well. Read originally as a issue to issue story, so the first half was a sci-fi horror, shit hits the fan and then a few month break between 5 and 6. Once it comes out again, different pacing and style. A bit of new world building, really cool kind of future. Throwing a lot at you to make you believe in the world. At the end of the first read, wasn’t sure what it was, and he knew he would read it again. Try to take notes of the hints that Snyder drops all through the story. Not sure how he felt, but mostly got that the information is there, but the timelines got confusing. Absolutely loved the first half, because he loves underwater horror and sci-fi horror as well. Everything he wanted it to be. 10/10 first half, but the second half is a dystopian future, and went into the second half this time knowing he was confused the first time. [Lee] finds all the people and the fuel they needed, but is still missing a few of the connections. It needed to be a little bit clear. Needs to read a third time to try and understand what he was missing.

Adam : Overall 8

Honestly, nothing more to say. Everyone else hit the nail on the head with their comments.


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