Legends of Baldur’s Gate : Tyranny of Dragons – Issue (001)


Welcome boys and girls to another review by me, Adam. This week I will be reviewing Legends of Baldur’s Gate : Tyranny of Dragons by Jim Zub (Wayward and Skull Kickers) and Max Dunbar (Red Sonja and The Mocking Dead). I was quite happy to find out about this collaboration as I am a fan of Jim Zub’s writing style, and I also used to love the Baldur’s Gate games, as I am sure a lot of others did too.

This story revolves around Delina, as she is trying to run from some animated gargoyles. They seem to be trying their damndest to rip every part of her body apart. What can she do though? She can use her wild magic. At this point I am fairly sure that “wild” just means that she has no idea if it will work, and even if it does, whether it will do what she wants it to. At one point her magic hits a statue of a very familiar man, and BOOM in comes Minsc! (Accompanied of course by his trusty hamster) From here, my life really began.


Art : A-

I was not familiar with Max Dunbar before this series, but I know all about him now. I made sure to search out his other works so I could see his art in other styles too, and I can say he is a massively diverse artist. He does well with action scenes especially which is amazing, as I find that is where most artists struggle. His unique style blends well into this series especially, and instantly made me want to read all of it.

Writing : A+

Jim Zub was a writer I had liked before even seeing this series, so I may be a bit biased, but the writing in this issue really had me not able to put it down. I wanted to know what was coming for the characters, and what would be their way out. I just had to read every issue one after the other, and that makes a good writer to me. It is clean, crisp, and very refreshing to see coming out right now. The best part to me though, was his perfect portrayal of Minsc. The character was the same character we all know and love, he wasn’t some changed, overdone guy. Spot on perfect.

Overall this is one of my favourite current comic series on the market. I am excited to see where they go with it, and will be keeping an eye out for every issue going forward. I would recommend this issue for anyone who likes fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons, or especially Baldur’s Gate. No matter what is your flavour though, you will enjoy this read.

Hope to see you at The Comic Hunter grabbing all of the issues. Make sure to mention that you read this review to get absolutely no discount! They may find it cool that you read it though 🙂

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