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Welcome to the weekly comic review with me, Adam. This week I wanted to do a review on a Scott Snyder (The Wake and Batman Dark Mirror) and Jock (Batman Dark Mirror and The Losers) release, Wytches. This story is a take on a long created creature, but taking it in a completely different direction then the usual stories you will read.

SPOILER : The story follows Sailor Rook, and her family as they have moved across country to try and escape their past. Sailor had been blamed for something that no one could explain. A girl disappeared, with the only trace of her being a pile of blood left. The story itself seems to dive into demonic possession with a lot of symbolism and black magic usage. END SPOILER

So why don’t we jump in and see what the rating for this issue is. We can find out about Snyder and Jocks work together, but also their ability to create and enthralling world, revolving around the belief in magic.

Writing – A

I am a huge fan of Scott Snyders work, and honestly I feel he is an amazing writer, who does an amazing job of sucking the reader into new worlds he creates. Snyder manages in this story to build a large lore, revolving around a historical group, which does get tied into modern day reality. Honestly, it left me unable to put the book down, and that, to me, is the marks of a really good story. I am already looking to get my hands on all of the other issues, as this story is ending soon. All in all, Snyder is a master of suspense.

Art – B

I read my first piece of Jocks work when our comic book club read Batman : Dark Mirror, and really enjoyed his art. I will have to say that his art style was good in this book again, and really fit the style needed to tell this type of story. The only downside to the art? “The man can’t seem to draw a straight line to save his life.” This is a quote from our comic book club, and again rings true. While the art is captivating, the style itself is just so messy. It leaves a lot to the imagination, which can be good and bad. It does fit the dark and creepy style, but sometimes the characters, while trying to make you feel for them, tends to almost cartoonize them (for lack of a better term).


The story is more than worth the read, and if you go into The Comic Hunter, you can grab your copy. Make sure that you are ready for a creepy thrill ride, and that you are a fan of horror/thriller comics. Like always, Snyder can bring the creepy out when he really wants to.

Tune in next week when we go over The Valiant. If you have any requests, I do reviews for any issue 1 released in 2014-2015. Just comment on here!

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