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Welcome back, comic book fans, to another review by me, Adam. This week we are touching on a Valiant Comics release, The Valiant. Written by Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth and The Nobody), with co-writing by Matt Kindt (Revolver and MIND MGMT), and art by Paolo Rivera (Daredevil and Spider-Man), The Valiant is a comic miniseries which is designed to really give us a look at a few of Valiant’s roster. It does focus a lot on Bloodshot, Geomancer, and a slew of other Valiant characters, which have been mashed together to show us a new view on some of Valiant’s powerhouses.

This flagship issue starts with The Eternal Warrior doing his best to protect a slew of different Geomancers over the years, with very little success. It shows his struggle to try and protect the chosen few, while they keep getting mindlessly slaughtered by a demon that takes the form of that times demons. For instance, in ancient Greece, it was a 30 foot tall Minotaur, as that is something they feared at the time. It also does a good job introducing the current Geomancer Kay, and Bloodshot as well. Without giving much of the story away I can say it was a great introduction.


It would be hard pressed to find a book with writing as clean and captivating as this one turned out to be. It is exactly what we have come to expect from Lemire and Kindt, but also really made us feel for the individual characters. They did a great job building a new environment out of an old world, and creating a brand new start for characters that have been around for awhile. This was my first Valiant read, I believe ever, and it has turned me into a major fan. I will be watching out for this series as it progresses.


Rivera is definitely a major player in the dark and gritty comic style. His art manages to bring the characters to life, especially the dark way that they should be. His action scenes always have a lot of emotion that is portrayed, while not being completely over the top like a lot of action in comics nowadays. Rivera has a style that can stand out among most artists, and brings a fresh look to a long standing character. While the writing is good, Rivera is the main reason I will be back.


Honestly, before reading this I had not read a lot of Valiant, not because of lack of interest, there is just so many big players out there that I couldn’t get into something new at the time. I did see the captivating cover, and decided to jump into it to try though. I do not regret this decision. If you are a fan of Valiant, or if you are looking for something new to try, you should absolutely pick up this issue, and all the rest to come from The Comic Hunter.

Thanks again for reading all, and have a great comic week!

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