Archie Vs. The Predator – Not your usual Archie Comic


Welcome everyone to another review for your comic fancy. This week I am doing things a bit different. I will not be reviewing the individuals themselves, but the comic, genre, and idea behind it. I say this because to critique, what is arguably one of the most popular comic franchises in history, would be blasphemy. (I am a massive Archie fan, so sorry about this partial rant) So why don’t we instead spend our time on this one reviewing the actual comic as a whole.

We have all either read, or at least seen an Archie comic in our lives. They make you laugh, they make you cry, and they make you wish you had grown up in a place known as Riverdale. Whether we are talking about the Archie/Betty/Veronica relationship, or we are questioning the S on Jugheads shirt, we always know that we have something to try and solve in each book. This book has a massive mystery to solve, who in the hell is going to survive?

So this book does not try and act like your typical Archie comic. It does have the unique art style, with the cheesy one liners and jokes, but it also takes things to a dark place, that I have never seen in Archie. Veronica bloodying Betty’s nose, which has never been shown with so much blood, Reggie really making some sexual jokes, but are able to be understood by a wide arrangement of people. There is no hiding the more mature content of this issue. This is not the issue that you give to your kids for their birthday, unless your kids are sixteen or older in my opinion. Oh and by the way




By far, the weirdest and most entertaining part of this issue was seeing the dismembered and mutilated corpses of Cheryl and her brother Jason. It is such a freaky style to see Archie style art with dead, bleeding corpses. I am not even sure what to say about it, other than the fact that I found it amazing. Could not take my eyes off of it to stop reading.

This is a huge step for Archie comics, and most family oriented comics in general. They have taken a comic known for being very family rated, with good morals and turned it into a gore fest, and to this I say congrats. I think that for what it is meant to be, it is perfect. As a huge fan of the Archie comics, and Archie in general, I am glad they did something for those of us who are a bit more mature, and as long as we all understand this is not for our kids yet, then we will be fine.

I am most looking forward to the Archie relaunch, as I think with a new style, we will see a new set of story lines. I wonder if the character relationships will be the same or not. Who knows, only time will tell.

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