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Welcome again to another comic review. This week we are diving into a new comic being released for Dark Horse, which is The Order of The Forge. This story is written by Victor Gischler (Gun Monkeys, Wolverine, Deadpool), and drawn by Tazio Bettin (Sally of the Wasteland and HUNTERS : The Shadowlands) so we know that both are really good on their own.


This comic starts with George Washington (yep that one) being scolded by his father for being on a date with a milkmaid. Of course since George comes from a well off family, this is seen as bad. His father jumps right into why aren’t you married, and our first major historical reference is made, the George Washington Cherry Tree. The comic progresses with new historical characters such as Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, and more to come, which using real life events as well. (Benjamin Franklin discovering electricity with the kite, George Washington chopping down the Cherry Tree)

How did I feel about the pair as a team though? Why don’t we find out now!


I had not heard of Victor’s works before, but I am glad I have now. He writes with a lot of passion on the subject, and manages to bring the comic to life. You feel like this really is one of the fables that George Washington, Paul Revere, and Ben Franklin (just to name a few) could have lived. Well maybe not the supernatural axe part, but everything else.

He does a good job of giving us facts and details where we need it, but leaving out the useless ones. I like this style of writing as I find too much detail can bore me depending on the reasoning behind it. All in all, he did an amazing job giving his own spin on a group of historical figures.

Forge 2


Also one of the better drawn, colored, and inked pieces I have ever read. It is kind of a unique style with a lot of realism added to it. Tazio knows when to use small pieces of art to make a point, and seems to know when it is time to go completely over the top as well.

His work is clean, he knows how to do fine details, and seems to have a real grasp on most anatomy, which I feel a lot of artists struggle with. His art is among those that could really sell the book on its own.


This is honestly one of my favourite new comics, mainly because it is based on historical people, places, and some events, but manages to add a completely new twist to this. I love when a comic goes outside the box with using real, but mixing it with fiction.

You should stop by The Comic Hunter and grab the first issue, as I feel like this is going to be one to watch out for. I will also say it is one of the few comics where I do not feel I need to wait for future issues. This one you will be able to follow by going issue to issue.

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