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Welcome back to another Comic Book review by your friendly neighbourhood reviewer, me! This week I wanted to jump into a comic that visually caught my eye, Avengers Vs. issue 1. Written by Joe Caramagna (Guardians of the Galaxy, and Ultimate Spider-man Web Warriors) and illustrated by Tom Raney (Essential X-Men, and Avengers Vs. X-Men) so both creators have a good pedigree in superhero comics. Let’s jump in and see what this comic is all about.


I have to admit, I am a fan of Caramagna’s writing style, as he is good at the “cheesy” one liners, and making sure he keeps the right attitude of each character. He breaths life into each character, and makes them believable to what we have seen of them in the past. Joe does what a lot of writers wish they could, and makes you relate to each character in a different way.

The only negative I had about it all was the overall story itself seemed a little rushed, and a bit over the top even for comics. It is an original idea, which is always good, but it seems almost too far gone for an Avengers comic. Either way, the story was fun to read, so I would give it a chance.


Tom Raney did exactly what I hoped when I was going into an Avengers book, he made it classic, he made it over the top, and he made is super vibrant. The colours used in the book are amazing, with the light feeling you usually get for an Avengers story. The art style was a very classic feel put on a new story, with the art having an almost 3D lift to the classic comic art. All of the characters were portrayed well, and were given equal time (for the most part). Each one reminded me of the characters in the Marvel Super Hero Squad game, which was really cool to see as well.


This is a really fun start to a good story from an amazing franchise. Avengers are one of the best teams in comics, so of course they have done almost everything, but one thing they had not done yet was fight Lady Liberty (At least I couldn’t find it). I have always liked a fresh breath in comics, and that is what you get when you pick up this issue (first of the miniseries). I would advise picking this up, as it would be a great read for kids, and for any parent looking to get your child into comics.

Tune in next week when I go over another new comic Arcadia. Feel free to message any questions, or comment on here if you have any first issues you want to see reviewed.

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