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Hey everyone, and welcome to this weeks comic review with your comic guru, Adam. This week I decided to jump inside the amazingly odd, and creative world of Arcadia, released recently by Boom Studios. This comic is written by Alex Paknadel (This is his first major title), and illustrated by Eric Scott Pfeifer (Also his first major title), so this is a lot of untested waters we are trying to wade in. With both creators being new to the market, why don’t we see what I thought of a first time comic, with a brand new team!


Alex Paknadel has an amazing ability to craft an entire world around a singular idea, and make that world as believable as the one we live in now. I read through Arcadia, and at first the writing caught me off guard. I was a bit confused what was going on, and felt his writing was not doing a great job at explaining the world, or why things were happening (jumping) all around.

I finished the book, and went to read it a second time. This is both good and bad. The only bad is I felt that I HAD to re-read it to fully understand what was going on. The plus side is that I was so intrigued by the story, that I wanted to take the time to one hundred percent understand all the little details as well.



Eric Scott Pfeifer is an artist that seems to know how to properly catch a readers eye. Not many artists that I read can keep me constantly looking at every aspect of each book, each page, and each frame, but he has already become one of them. While his art is not too busy, it has the right amount of detail and imagination. He takes something as simple as a person, and can do so many creative things, that sometimes you are left questioning what is real, and which parts are in the Arcadia system!

He has a very gritty and realistic style, which will captivate any reader. I was trying to think of an artist to compare him too, and I can’t. That alone speaks volumes for me.


This comic is a great one for any comic reader who wants to think. It will make you question where life is going, and the possibilities of a matrix style future. It will make you think about what would happen if humans were saved by our technology, almost like a hard drive for the human race. how would we feel? What would we do? Just think about that for a bit, and then go to The Comic Hunter to pick up your copy.

Tune in next week comic fans, to read about my take on Swords of Sorrows. Until then, enjoy the read, and keep being you!

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