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Hey there again readers, welcome back to this weeks comic review! We will be reviewing the Dynamite release Swords of Sorrow. I have been debating this one for awhile now, but decided it was time to jump in and take the chance. With the writing of Gail Simone (Birds of Prey, and Welcome to Tranquility) and the art style of Sergio Davila (Steampunk Battlestar Galactica 1880, and Injustice : Gods Among Us) so I went in expecting amazing things. They both have powerful comic chops, and have worked on a myriad of comic titles. With so many styles, and a stacked resume, I wanted Swords of Sorrow to be mind-blowing. Was it? Well, why don’t we find out!


I have not read a lot of Gail Simone’s work before, not for lack of wanting, I just hadn’t read a lot of the stories she had written. I am happy to say I have now though, as she has a really good development of characters in her story. Gail does an amazing job at building a lot of character story in a short period, while adding a lot of suspense all throughout this issue. Every time you think you know what is coming, you get caught with an uppercut from nowheretown, which will both shock and amaze you.

Gail manages to bring old characters back to a new life. Kato, She-Devil, Vampirella, and many other popular female characters are all coming together to fight to save the world. It is good to see so many strong female characters being re-born in one comic universe. I am really looking forward to see where Gail goes with this story!


I would have to say that I am a fan of Sergio Davila’s art, and always have been. He has a way to make the female form not only sexy, but strong. While there is a lot of sex appeal with the characters in this comic, it does not take away from the fact that they are strong, and more than capable of whooping some ass.

With that being said, his entire style is really clean and crisp. The backgrounds are amazing, and the overall feel is really dirty and complete. I am really interested to see where he goes with this series.


Loved it. Honestly one of the better comic storyline wise I’ve read in a while, and I know this will captivate me for the entire series. I want to see the development of the characters. The story will be a great one, quote me now.

My only one negative comment (and I know I’m going to get crapped on a bit) is why every time you see a strong and beautiful woman in this comic, they are all wearing clothing that would not protect anything. Seriously, one bullet, or a dagger, or a freaking stick, could kill any of them based strictly on armour. I get it though, that is how those characters have always been designed.

Stop by The Comic Hunter and grab your copy, and tune in next week when I will be reviewing Secret Wars (2015).

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