Comic Hunter Book Club (May) – Punk Rock Jesus

Jeff – 7
Shawn Murphy also did the Wake, thought it was good. Liked the main character, the IRA guy (Thomas). If it was just about him, he would have loved it. Chris – Didn’t like, as he got to preachy when he turned 15. Liked the tech support guy, as a side character. Did not like the mom, felt bad at first but then disliked her. Doctor held onto the proof needed until it was already too late. The art was good, Jeff enjoyed it and was used to it because of Wake. The black and white worked well, as none of the scenes really stood out without the colour.
They talked about Twitter, which wouldn’t make sense for 2035, and the band member who was annoying made a knightrider reference, which did not make sense. Liked how the IRA guy handled the religious group, with authority. When it was revealed that the twin survived, and they all charged in with guns, it made Jeff realize there was not much police or army in the world to stop them. The newscaster stood out as a good character to Jeff.

Courteney – 8.5
Liked the book, would have liked to see more of the IRA storyline. They went into a lot of detail, but they did skip a lot of the important parts of the story. Skipped most of his life and did not explain enough about the mom. The alcohol parts were way too staged.
He hated Tape, the bass player. He was a waste of a character and was not believable at all, which took away from the story.

Andrew – 8.5
The art is really tight, he is always like that with all of his works. Studied him in school and was always super excited to see his work when he was working on art. Was always waiting to see Punk Rock Jesus come out. Very black and white in its connotations – Corporation vs the little guy, religion vs atheism etc. Touches on so many great themes, and managed to continue it into six issues, but because he was a bit all over the place with the story.
Andrew really enjoyed the parallels between Thomas and Chris’ lives. Overall loved the book, thought it was great in most every way. Loved the hints of the occult with the angel, a small twist which brought a huge aspect into the book as well. Is Thomas destined to kill everyone? Yes he most definitely is, even though he fights against it.

Marie-eve – 9
A really sensitive subject to tackle. There was a lot going on with such a small series. She has a crush on Murphy without even knowing what he looks like. She really loves his work. She really loved the book, she was so frustrated with what was going on with the characters.
Was really happy about the sister reveal, when you find out they are related, and she is still alive. Really enjoyed the history with the IRA and Thomas’ life, to include the past to show how he grew as a person.

Adam (Me) – 9
Honestly I agree with the others, so I will keep this brief as we had so many amazing people at this months event!

Keenan – 8.5
Agrees with our critiques, and would have loved to have seen both versions. The draft he created when he was still Christian, and the final product when he became an atheist. The art is really tight, he loves Murphys characters.
Thomas was Keenans favourite character, as his development throughout the book. He needed to repent to Chris, and needed him to be his saviour.

Other Andrew – 7
Liked the first half, but was not a fan of the second half of the book. Found Thomas a really interesting character, and created a really Agnostic view in the book. Talks about Thomas killing people at the end, tell me you are you we think you are to redeem myself.
The only negative was that the complexity of the ending was not really well researched, and was a bit quick and rushed. It was trying to be angry and making a point in the end, which he was able to almost guess where it was going.

Josh – 10
Aside from the part where they reveal the 2 year old DNA, this was Josh’s favourite book he has ever read. This book, he loved everything about it. We live in a time, in theory, a prophet or anyone could clone the DNA in the next few years and recreate. People would read this and think why not?
We have a huge attachment to the past, we could bring people back and purposefully use this is a diagram on what to do. Loves the subtext to the overall story. The fact that everything is possible, was disappointed that there was so much to think about that they barely scratched the surface.

Doug – 10
Doug came into it already loving the subject. He was biased thinking it will be interesting and possibly controversial. The main part that struck him, he wanted to change the colour of the eyes from Brown to Blue. It is what the average American/Canadian person would want Jesus to look like. The pictures on our walls, with blonde hair and blue eyes.
It was almost like a worst case of how people will become when over run with religion, when they take the wrong things out of context. He found it ended abruptly, and wanted the main villain to suffer a lot more for the things he had done. He felt it was well written, and was a bit rushed though.
Extremely accurate to where America is and where they are going in terms of their understanding of the Christian Faith. It was an appropriate response to fanaticism, and extremism. To not allow Chris to read anything to do with evolution, or the real world, which is what caused him to finally start to rebel. Very emotionally stirring, because it touched Doug in the place where he is most vulnerable. What happens when people take the faith, and they twist it to use however they want.
Chris acts a lot like Jesus did, he fought against the powers that were controlling the world, as they did not care about the people. He acted like Jesus with his mind set, and his actions to try and protect the people around him.
Jesus Christ is a shit disturber.

Sherry – 9
As a reality show, it really made a lot of sense. A lot of the main characters, their lives were built off of lies. Thomas, his whole life was a lie. The mother did what she did as she thought they would be well taken care of. The art gave the emotion from every angle, it was outright amazing.

Matt – 7 (As he isn’t done)
Read half of the book, and absolutely loved what he has read. It is badass and the black and white art helps to make the story flow better. Reading the half he did is like having half an erection, it is still good.

Shannon – 6
Liked Cola, and loved how he got upset when he died. Was not a huge fan of the black and white of the comic, it was pretty but it was a bit dull. The book was quick and easy, but hated that they spoon fed him all of the information. It was everything he was expecting to happen by the end of the book. It felt really rushed, and did nothing for him. Did not care for any of these characters.

Mathieu – 8.5
He has not read a lot by Sean Murphy, he prefers the art in this book to Wake, which goes to say that he worked a lot harder on this book. He loved the black and white, as there was not a huge need for colour. All of the characters are interesting and are lied to all throughout the book. All of the characters had their own curves and twists, but he did see the baby spoiler coming.
When the producer tried to kill the baby, he knew right away that he had to die. It was the perfect build-up to the story arc. No way someone would kill a polar bear with just a machete.

Remi – 8.5
Did not re-read it, but he remembers the broad strokes. He loves Murphys art, which is amazing. He never noticed it as not finished, it was perfect in black and white. It was what it was meant to be. If anything, colour takes away from his art.
Very strong Nature vs. Nurture story, when we find out he is not Jesus, he was still bred that way, to believe that he was the reincarnation. Spoon fed the morals they wanted him to have, and was not able to use his own mind to get what he wanted out of life.
The story switches directions which reminded Remi of “Stranger in a Strange Land” in which the character is born on Mars and comes to Earth learning about a strange new planet. He becomes a messiah, which shows a real awakening to start a religion instead of rebelling against it. Two different reactions to the same type of origin story, which shows the true duality of this creation.

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