MATT – 8
Really enjoyed the book. Essentially a Flash Gordan rip-off. Art was fantastic and suited the campiness of the book. Super quick read, but recommended for everyone. Mark Millar did an amazing job in this one, as it is simple but to the point.

Went into it, and stepped out of his normal comics. Didn’t think he would enjoy it, as he was not a fan of Flash Gordan. It was very enjoyable, a good familiarity. Loved the campiness of it, and the Darth Vader rip-off character was great. The art was amazing. The kid who travelled through time, wanted to smack in the mouth.

Really like Mark Millars work, with Kick-Ass and Wanted. More used to the crazy Scottish bastard, no holds barred, completely out there. Nothing is off limits with him. A certain rawness when he goes off the rails. This was a lot more conservative than he was used to. Very light and easy read, loved the cheesy rip-offs.
Good book, solid, and the story never falters. Gorans art really brought the book together. This one was not forgettable, but it was very simplistic. Very easy to read so we always know what’s happening.

DOUG – 8.5
Like the fact that he smokes, and the reason is that he kept looking at the images and wondering what the cracks in the wall are. It was plumes of smoke. Started a bit dark with the depressing start to the book. Clerical outfit did match the proper service. Loved that he was having flashback memories to when he was on the planet, and the adventures he really had.
Did not like star child and thought he was a bit contrived. Liked the way that you knew what was going to happen, but the interest was finding out how they would get there.

Champion against ageism. Wondering if he was delusional with his stories. His family was writing him off, but when he went back he kicks butt again. He is the Macgyver of super heroes.
Shows off to show who he really is and they need to see you how we do. Would love to see a prequel for this.

ADAM (Me) – 9 (Enough said by everyone else!)

JOSH – 7
Any time you see a man in a comic with a sword, he will kill a fish. Fantastic and good enough just to read for Duke McQueen. Sad man who loves his family, but have abandoned him in life.
It is a bit of an over the top science fiction.

Really liked the book, does not know Mark Millar that much but Civil War got him back into comics. Liked Kick-Ass, but did not know the wild Millar Andrew was talking about.
The book is comfortable, simple, and not many twists or surprises. Well paced though. He liked the kid, as it was a throw back to Once Upon A Time In The West.

Really, really enjoyed this comic. Was a good throwback to John Carter, Flash Gordan, and very by the numbers. Really enjoyable read. What struck him the most was the family dynamic, with losing his wife and not being close to his kids. The whole adventure was really just him trying to connect to his family again. The references were fun, and the art was also great.

When he started the book, and was a few pages in but had to stop as it hit emotional as it was really close to home. Möbius works falls well into this, as it is very European with pastel style colouring. Loved the light colours.
Wished they went more in depth with the character development, with a bit more context. Was still really enjoyable as a nice quick read.

JEFF – 8
The start of the book really hit home as well, as it was really captivating. It was an emotional roller coaster. You do not need to understand the references to still enjoy the book, but it is fun to catch on to the Easter eggs.
Liked that he compared him to Nick Fury, and loved the flashbacks. Did feel the six parter would have been better as an eight parter. Instead of just a few panels of fights, and meeting the rebels, it would have been better as a few pages. Also with the traitor it just happened far to quick, not enough build up to the reveal.
Villains were fine, as the suits were appropriate for what they were doing. The planet itself seemed almost elvish, which is another toss into the fantasy part of the science fiction world.

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