Artifacts – Lost Tales (Top Cow)


Hey there comic fans, and welcome back to our review. I am so sorry that I have been a bit absent, but was handling the second Kickstarter for Psychosis!!! (Shameless plug, will be available as soon as we can print, at The Comic Hunter, you can get issue one any time!)

I am back though, and this time, with a vengeance. I have decided to try out a comic that I have had my eye on for a little bit, as it was one of the Talent Hunts 2013 runners up. The story is written by multiple writers, with multiple artists as well, because it is multiple stories combined into one comic. So why don’t we rate the overall writing in the book, and the overall art, but above that, why don’t we see how I thought it all came together!


I was extremely happy to see the completely different writing styles, and see the completely different tones that each story took. Each writer did an amazing job of telling their story, developing their characters, and coming up with a captivating enough story, that we want to keep reading more (if they were chosen to continue). Not the easiest thing to do when you only have a few pages to do it.

I will say that the only main negative I had about the writing is that because it was so short that there was far too much dialogue in most of the stories. It is not easy to develop everything you need in this limited run. In doing so, it really takes away from the overall feel of the stories. It just seemed like an absolute cluster when trying to make heads or tails, and really takes a lot of space in the art.


ART – B-

Well, I have never given a poor rating, and I really did not want to start now, but I have to. The art in the first story was clean, crisp, and just perfect for what it was trying to tell. It was an amazing story within the artwork itself, and the artist/writer worked awesome as a team.

The second story, I just couldn’t understand the art style itself. It seemed like they were going for dark, gritty, and dirty art but it just came across very pastel heavy, and not a lot of depth in the art. I do feel that they were coming across on the ghostly feel, but the overall art just did not impress me much. Hard saying this as I have never felt that way…

Then we get to the final story. So the art is clean, it is crisp, and it looks decent. It does not seem like it is as refined as I would want it to be for how violent the actual story is. I was very happy with the overall story though, so it did redeem the book a bit.


Overall the book is well worth a look. It was an interesting read, and really cool for them to print the works of some of the members who didn’t win. You need to remember that some of the writers who enter are just like you and me (only more literate).


Tune in next week when we review another NUMBER 1!

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