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Hey there readers, viewers, and those who keep trying to post spam messages everywhere. Welcome back to another comic issue 1 review. Today we will be reviewing Dead Drop, which is a release from Valiant Comics. Written by Ales Kot (Secret Avengers, Iron Patriot, etc), and the art styling of Adam Gorham (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, etc), two powerhouse creators who have worked on some of the greatest comics in the world. The real question is how do they stack up together?

First, let’s get a brief run down of the story itself (WARNING SPOILERS!). The story is about X-O Manowar and his rush to try and stop a virus that will consume humanity. As a hero, I really enjoy X-O Manowar and think there is a lot that they can do with the character. His attitude towards those around him, and his lack of real emotion, creates a diverse character. Rushing through the city streets, and trying to stop a bio terrorist from destroying everything we love.



The writing is very fast paced, action packed, and full of adrenaline. Kot does an amazing job of making us feel worried about the characters, while knowing that something huge is coming. He left us hanging in such a way that it made me want to keep going. That is what makes a person an amazing writer, the ability to captivate a reader and force us to think about the future for the comic. I am definitely keeping my eyes out for the rest of the short series. Way to go Valiant for recruiting Kot!



I absolutely love Gorham’s art style. He is a clean artist who has an amazing ability of bringing life into the characters. Their faces in particular, have so much emotion in them, you know exactly how they feel. Gorham has always had a really good art style, and it really is suited for this type of super hero comic, and you can tell he has a lot of reflection from his days with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and it really gives us a sense of that old timey art style. It is a really good interpretation of X-O.


It is well worth the pick up, and the read. The story flows well, and really sets the tone for future issues. For a new comic, and a short series, you really need to add this to your list. Remember, that it is only 4 issues in total, so it will not break the pocketbook, and you get to have a good Valiant comic. They have been doing a lot of good things since they did a lot of re-adjusting.

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Tune in next week, when we review We Are… Robin (01) which should be an exciting ride! Also remember, if there is a comic you’ve been thinking about reading, and you want it reviewed, make sure to either message me or comment on here!

Tune in next time!

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