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Welcome to another comic review with your trusted comic nerd, me of course! As promised, this week we will be reviewing We Are… Robin, which is the mash-up love child of writer Lee Bermejo (Batman Black and White, Batman: Noel Deluxe Edition, etc) and artist Jorge Corona (Batman Beyond Unlimited, Teen Titans Go, etc) so they have both been working on Batman story lines for a lot of their careers. They know the characters that would exist in this world, and with this concept, so the characters should be amazingly believable.

Rough Story – SPOILERS

The story starts with Duke Thomas getting the all living hell beat out of him. Was it for fighting crime? Was it for being a street rat? Nope, it was classic story of sleeping with the wrong man’s sister. This tone setting alone shows us that we are not reading the usual batman story, and that they are going a completely different way, which I was looking forward to.

The story then progresses into the search for his parents who went missing during the Joker zombie plague, all while he is being watched by a group of kids/adults who call themselves Robin, all of them. They are vigilantes, which in the end a cameo from Batman gives them the justification they need. He believes in them, and knows what they are trying to do, but they are not trained enough, and take things too far.



I loved the writing style of Lee, as he did an amazing job of not only getting the upset and darker tone we expect from Batman, but by giving so many characters the smart-ass tone that Robin usually has. He has built a good world, and a good start for what I hope is a long series. There is so much they can do from here, and with the addition of Batman revealing he has a room full of Robin suits, it really shows us that he even had a plan for this. Freaking Batman…



This is some of the most clean, crisp, and amazing art I have seen in a long time. It does help that there was several artists in total, and that Lee himself is originally an artist with DC and some Batman lines. Jorge Corona is a champion in the comic industry already, and if he can keep pumping out this calibre of work, I’ll be interested to see what else he comes up with in the future. Overall, there is a Teen Titan meets The Dark Knight vibe that I get, which is definitely not a bad thing!

All in all, this is a must read for Batman fans, Robin fans, or just DC fans. The overall feel is awesome, and it leaves a lot to come in this exciting series. Tune in next time, when we will be reviewing an odd comic, E is for Extinction. Haven’t cracked it open yet, but even the cover art is tossing me for a loop.

Hope you enjoyed, and as usual leave any requests in the comments.

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