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Welcome back to another review. This time we are reviewing a new one to the Marvel universe, and a spin-off to X-Men, E is for Extinction. I should preface this by saying I am a huge fan of The X-Men, and always enjoy reading their adventures. I was a bit surprised at the cover for this book, as it seemed darker, and a bit more adult than the usual for them, but it rated teen+, so I was expecting there to be some mature themes. Boy was I right…

E is For Extinction starts with the death of Professor X, which is a really odd way to start the series, but makes for an interesting turn of events. You are following Cyclops and Emma (who have aged like you wouldn’t believe, and whose powers have gotten weaker every day) and Magneto (who is now the principle of a school which is named after the late professor) who is now in charge of his own group of “X-Men”. The story follows a world which is riddled with Mutant DNA, and where every fertile man is capable of giving life to a mutant. It is an odd world indeed. The rest, my friends, is yours to discover.

The writing was clean, and very easy to follow, which is a really good thing. “NAME” did a great job at showing a new side to old characters, and show a clear difference between the X-Men of old, and the X-Men who are old. Good to see Wolverine, Beast, Cyclops, Emma Frost, and even Phoenix in new lights, and starting a lot of different cross stories, which are sure to be a blast.
The only real negative I had with the writing is that it was a tad dry, and some pieces where never really explained. I understand the concept of an alternate world, as it is done a lot in comics, but maybe explain a bit why Charles died (which they may) or who the new team is/what they do (they also may). I hope they do, as the new team really seems like a group of young, dumb, moderately powerful mutants.


I won’t spend a lot of time on the art, only because I really do not want it to convince you not to buy the series. It looks like it could be a really strong storyline, but the art is really just dirty. I am sure there are a lot of people who would like this style, but I can not say I am one of them. It is not clean, nothing about the art is “stylish”, and my biggest issue is the lack of consistency in the art. Look at Cyclops the first time you see him and Emma, then look at him ten pages away, and he looks like two completely different people, who are completely different ages.
Consistency is one of the only things in a comic that aggravates me, and it is easy to make a small mistake, but a characters complete profile is a pretty large mistake.

I hope you still want to pick it up, because The Comic Hunter can help you do just that. Honestly the story is worth it, and if you can get used to the art (or maybe you like it) than it will be a good time!

Next week, we will be doing a review of The All New Archie, which I have really been looking forward too since I heard about the reboot!

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