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Welcome back to another edition of This Just In, our weekly (most of the time) comic book review. I am proud to announce that I will be doing these reviews every Saturday, so we can all have a set time to read the reviews!

This week, we are doing a review on Fight Club 2, and we will be doing a different breakdown. I will rate what I thought first, then give you the comic break down at the end, so people can see my thoughts before the giant spoilers. So let’s take a look!


This comic is written by Chuck Palahniuk (Original Fight Club Novel) so clearly this is his baby. He has spent years and many tireless hours creating a world, and designing the characters that are now a part of the new series. The writing is a breath of fresh air, because Palahniuk takes so much risk with his choices. There is a lot of broken sentences, and really bad comments made by the main characters, but it brings you back to the novel, or the movie (whichever you preferred).


ART – B+

The art work in this comic was done by Cameron Stewart (Tales of The Vampire, Sin Titulo, etc) so his background comes from a history of dark, twisted art work. This really plays well with Fight Clubs style. His art always makes things seem like they are doing other than what they really are. It is clean at points, and at the same time it is just as dirty as you need to be for a novel about something for which we can not talk about. I am very interested to see where he goes with this one, and can not wait to read the rest of the issues.


So, overall this was an amazing read. It was much better than I had even thought it could have been as it takes over just as the novel/movie left off.  It begins with our main character Sebastian, now burying down Tyler Durden with tons of drugs, and other medication. This is the only way he can try to live some semblance of a normal life.

As it turns out Marla has actually been replacing some of his pills with placebos to try and bring Tyler back. She is bored with this new calm life, with their son (oh ya, they had a little guy) and the nine to five job. I mean, this is the woman who had wild sex, helped bring down the city, and helped create one of the largest terrorist attacks in comic book history. How would normal life ever look the same.

As the comic progresses, we get to know their pyro of a son. We also get to know Sebastian without Tyler, and Sebastian as Tyler begins to take over again. I can not wait to see what happens from this point on in this series. You need this comic, you need this series, hell you need this inevitable Anarchy fueled ride!


Tune in next time, and please, let me know if you prefer this style of review. I am trying to do what you want, and make things as easy as possible for people who are trying to see which comic is best for them!

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