THIS JUST IN – 1872 (001) – Marvel (Secret Wars)


Welcome to another edition of This Just In, your weekly comic review with your comic man. This week we are going to do a review of 1872, which is another one of Marvels ultimate universes, which showcases our known heroes in a completely different light. Lets get right to the review!


Gerry Duggan (Infinity Gauntlet, Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos, etc) is the writing talent behind this work. His style and ability to build a universe for the characters is amazing. Bringing a story to life that has been told many times, about Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and others, but doing it in a way that others haven’t tried.

His character development is amazing in the story, as he makes the characters just like they always have been, but in a wild west setting. Using a lot of dialogue, and telling most of the story in a third person viewpoint of Ben Ulrich is a refreshing change to the normal story telling. He really has the ability to captivate a reader immediately.



The art of Evan Doc Shaner (Adventures of Superman, Flash Gordan, Etc) is some of the dirtiest clean art I have seen in a long time. It is clean, as the art is extremely well done, but more importantly it fits with this world. The grit to it really works as it is meant to be based in the Wild West.

Evan has done all of his work with DC, and usually it is with clean story lines in cleanly outlined universes. This is his first works with Marvel, and it is working very well with the characters so far. I do look forward to see how he develops this story as it goes on.


The story starts with Ben Ulrich giving us an introduction to the town and the people inside of it. Tony, who is drunk off his ass, is sitting in the bar talking to Sheriff Steve Rogers. They are talking about the good old days.

Throughout the issue Steve is playing the super nice character that he is, and trying to prevent Fisk’s men from hurting/killing innocent people, and causing random ruckus. We get introduced to Dr. Banner as well, who is still amazingly good friends with Tony, and Tony really just develops into a hilarious drunk.

By the end of the book, Steve was forced to kill a few men, we see that his “deputy” Bucky is believed dead, and Bullseye makes his way to town at the end of the first issue. It is setting up the future issues as being super badass!

All in all, I am giving this comic eight Avengers out of ten!

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Thanks for your time, and see you next week!

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