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Welcome back to another edition of THIS JUST IN with me, your local comic reviewer. This week we are going to go over a comic from Image, by the name of Starve. It is a new design of an original story, and something I was very interested in reading when I had first seen tell of it. Let’s take a look and see if it was worth the wait!


This comic is written by Brian Wood (Channel Zero, Fight For Tomorrow, Etc) who is known for having a lot of good build up in his stories. He has a great ability of making you feel a characters every thought, to know their moves, because you quickly fall for the characters themselves. You start to feel like the character, and in doing so you really feel like you want the character to succeed.

His writing is fresh, well done, and even though there is a lot of dialogue it just feels right.


The art of Danijel Zezelj (Was surprisingly not able to find much about him) is both amazing and terrible all at the same time. I love his dark, gritty, fanatical style. His art is really to the point, without having to use a bunch of over the top art to use as filler in the story. He has an extremely unique style, which is hard to say nowadays as originality is not so common.

My only thing that I am not a huge fan of in the art is that it is so dark that at times it is almost too over the top to fully see the details. It looks like you are having a dream, and can not quite remember the details exact. That is not enough to make me dislike the art, but is enough that I would not call it perfect.


The story starts with a man who is loaded drunk, hanging out with a group of friends. We learn quickly that he says he left his old life and name behind, but life was catching up to him. He used to be rich, famous, and an all around we  loved person, until something happened, and it is something we are not fully sure on yet.

He is found, after approximately fifteen years by his old network who want him to come back and continue his television series, Starve. He was a celebrity cook who used his fame and money to live a very lavish lifestyle. They wanted him back as his show was now a massive success, but only because they changed the game. They were now cooking whatever food the “poor” people could afford. At the end of the first issue, they are using dog meat, which may be used in the world now, but in this disaster filled world, is a rare oddity.


Tune in next week, when we review another number one. What shall it be? Tune in to see!

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