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Welcome back to another episode of THIS JUST IN, which is brought to you by The Comic Hunter, where heroes come to play. My name is Adam, and I am here to guide you through another review of one of the many comics you can get from the amazing people at the store, The Tithe. Released from Image, it is a story about a hacker group known only as Samaritan. Their main goal? Why don’t we do my thoughts, then find out!


I am not going to be grading the writing or art anymore, because that is just one mans opinion, and I do not want to convince anyone to buy or not to buy this comic. I am just going to give you my honest opinions, and you can do with it as you may. That being said, I was extremely impressed with the quick and poignant writing in this initial issue. Matt Hawkins writes the story in the view of multiple parts. He manages to capture a lot of different character actions with each other, and gives personality to the group. We can quickly understand the groups motives, and know that they are good people, even though they are criminals.

Hawkins also brings the back story to life with just a few small explanations. He does not need to go into great detail about situations, but you still feel like you know exactly what he is talking about.


Rahsan Ekedal is an absolutely clean, crisp, and stunning artist. His work is almost immaculate, and has a realistic take on a comic character. His colour choices, and design aspect is original, and a great take on a new story hitting the shelves. The cover alone is enticing enough to want to know more, which is a huge step.

I did not pick out any consistency issues, which is excellent. The only issue I had is that by the end of the story, I was a little bored. I’m not sure where this comic is going, but visually I can picture it being a keeper!



The hacker group Samaritan is doing their best to overthrow the corrupt churches that exist. The church in this issue is taking the funds that their believers donate, and than using these funds to celebrate, party, and indulge in all manner of illegal fun. Samaritan is upset by this (justifiably so) so they have rallied together to do something about it.

They hack into the church database, and play a message to the people in the church about what is going on. The people see it, but the “sheeple” choose not to believe it. They steal back the money that was taken from the flock of people who attend, and also, they make sure to blow up the pastors beautiful little porche.

In the end, the FBI get involved, and we get what looks to be an amazing story to start a comic on. I will be keeping my eye out for future issues, and will by OF COURSE available at The Comic Hunter Moncton.

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