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Welcome to another edition of A Roll of The Dice board game reviews. My name is Adam and this week I will be giving you a break down, including my thoughts, on Legendary. Legendary is a deck building game released from the same company who brought us a whole lot of different trading card games (Digimon, Survivor, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc), so at least we know that they have a strong foothold in the card gaming industry. Let’s see what a common turn looks like, and see what you can expect from the game play.

Game Play Breakdown

An average turn in this game is fairly quick, and this explanation will probably not be. There is many ways to play this game, I am going over the rules and turns for playing a co-operative game of 2-5 players. So working together to kill a common enemy.

We start the game with ten cards in our deck, six of which will start in our hands. We can play shield agents that give us buying power which is shown with a star with the number of buying power inside of it, and also you get shield agents that give you attacking power which is shown with claw marks that also have numbers in it. These numbers are what you will be using to either recruit new heroes or kill the villains who are trying to take out the city.

Now, there is a few things that you can do on your turn. You can start by using your buying power to buy one of the heroes you have added to the game. The best way to add heroes is to do so randomly from the absolute multitude of character options. At this point you would have already chosen the villains, henchmen, and master boss to start the game. When you buy new heroes, you will be adding them to your discard pile. Once your deck runs out, you will get to add them to your deck as you reshuffle the cards together. Then you draw a new hand of six cards, which will get more powerful with the more powerful heroes you add to your team. Once you buy a hero, you place a new one on the helicarrier as there should always be five heroes there (unless you have run out of cards in the hero deck.

After buying your team, you now get to try and attack the villains and henchmen who are terrorizing your city. They come out, try to make their way across the city causing havoc while capturing bystanders. It is our job to make sure that they do not make it that far by taking them out as quickly and efficiently as possible. We do this by playing and buying characters that can make us powerful enough. The usual Henchman has between three to five power that we need to kill them. The Villains have around five to seven power, while the boss has between seven (Easy mode) to twelve (Hard mode) which means in any of these cases you need to have this amount of attack power in a single hand. With the standard characters only giving you plus one, you need to get creative and buy the right mixture of heroes to get the point across.

Once you are done your turn, a few things happen to start the next turn. You will flip a new card from the Villains deck into your city. This will push all of the villains already out one more space to escaping (there is five locations in the city that villains can be in) which makes each one come that much closer to possibly harming you! What do you do? Well, kick their ass of course. You need to try and beat the villains before they get away. As they escape most villains have certain powers that will harm your team or your chances of winning. There is also negatives to beating villains, but they are usually not as bad. If you draw a bystander, then the villain immediately to the left captures them and they get plus one power. If you draw a master strike, the boss will master strike you (always a negative thing) and if you draw a scheme card, then it sets off the scheme. Some schemes do nothing until there is a certain amount there, but no matter what they are never pleasant. So as you can see, there is a lot of ways to get hurt, to lose, and to end up throwing the table. There is but one way to win.



Come on, a game that revolves around our favorite marvel superheroes is easily going to have an amazing design. We’ve come to expect the best from Marvel and Upper Deck, and they do not disappoint us in this game. They have made a game that takes all our heroes from childhood, and puts them on uniquely designed cards. They each have their own abilities and powers, and the card art is good enough to be used in a comic book. The characters are absolutely perfect, which is nothing new for Marvel.

The game dynamics are really cool as they took a deck building style, but added a lot to it. By adding the co-op style game play, adding bosses to the battle, and additional rules such as the schemes, master strikes, etc, we get a deck building game unlike any I have played before. They definitely knew what they wanted to do to make things different. Overall I love the design of the box art, the card art, and the game dynamics. So much so it deserves perfect marks.


This was also a fairly easy scenario to provide perfect marks. The fact that this game adds a lot of options to have to make before the game even starts. You have to decide which heroes to include in your journey. There is a lot of heroes to choose from such as Wolverine, Cyclops, Mr. Fantastic, Gambit, etc (Depending on how many expansions you have purchased) and you only get to use five. The usual way of choice is to do so randomly, without knowing which heroes you will get (except Deadpool, you should always include Deadpool) so that changes the game up every time you play. Next is the Villains and henchmen you place into the game. One set of Villains is automatically chosen based on the boss you choose to face. The others are, you guessed it, random again! This means there is a large selection of bad guys to choose from as well. Just these two mixing factors gives us an almost unprecedented multitude of options.

There is even more choices as well. You choose which scheme to use, you choose the boss you face, and you choose how you want to play this game. Do you want to be the man who attacks everything, killing anything you face? Do you want to be the woman who owns the world, buying all the heroes and shield agents you can? Do you want to just sit back and let everyone else do all your dirty work for you? The choices, of course, are yours to be able to make.



Deck building games as a whole are extremely fun, mainly because they bring together a whole bunch of different tactics to try and overcome those who will harm innocents. Now add all of your favorite characters, villains, and art work, and you have an amazingly fun game.

I don’t want to spend a lot of time repeating the reasons I have already mentioned in this review about the fun of the game. I do want to mention the only thing that is not fun about this game and that is the fact that they did not include rules to play on your own. Now, you can find those online, but it is not official rules and some of them kind of break the game. Using the online “rules” I have not even come close to losing, as it builds your team so quickly, you can do anything.

With the dynamic of the game, it would have been very easy to find a way to make a single player game. If any of you can find one, let me know as I am very interested to see how it works.


This game is amazing, I love it and have made it a regular staple in my board game days. I learned all about it from Tabletop on Youtube, and had a version lent to my by a friend. In that time I have gotten to play it several times, which has come down to us losing twice, winning twice, and basically tying the game once. All in all it was an awesome time each time, so it made it fun. This is definitely a must for any fans of Marvel Characters, Deck Building games, and games that you can work together to complete.

You need to go to The Comic Hunter and pick up this game. It is worth being a main game in your weekly/bi weekly board game days, and will be really fun to play. There is honestly no down side to owning it except maybe the box size. I look forward to hearing about your experiences, know about your tactics, and learn about your favorite heroes to use and why.

Until next time, please game responsibly, and make sure to give us any additional games you want to see a break down on. I am willing to try any game at least once, and be honest about what I thought. There is not many games I dislike, except for that damned Walking Dead card game. That game just plain sucks.

Stay Tuned!

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