Weekend of August 7th & 8th PPTQ’s



This past weekend held 2 more some what local Modern PPTQ’s only one of which I was able to attend.  However other Comic Hunter representation competed in the second event both of which were in Halifax.  The first event which was on Saturday Bobby Leblanc and Myself were able to top 8 the event only to lose in our first round.  Shams and  Matt Robichaud also represented the Comic hunter in the first event, unfortunately Shams 0/3 dropped and I had to dream crush Matt out of top 8 contention however he did manage to have a 3/2/0 finish which is respectable giving him 11th overall.  The second event on Sunday Bobby Leblanc, Matt Robichaud, Nick Bourque and Shams went back to Halifax to compete.  Unfortunately there records didn’t end up being very good, but then that is Magic, sometimes things just don’t go as planned.

For the event I played in I stuck to my usual U/R Splinter Twin deck, since I don’t get that much Modern play time I felt I should be sticking with the deck I know best.  I have attempted other variants of Twin but I find adding the third colour has always worked against me, and caused me to remove Blood Moon from the sideboard and I feel that Blood Moon is devastating against certain decks but this is nothing new.  I’ve tried the TarmoTwin variant only to get smashed my Boggles in the PTQ rounds 1 and 2 followed by being on tilt loosing the third round and dropping the event.  Funny story behind those Goyf’s Shams decided to play a Sultai decklist and borrowed my Goyf’s only to go 0/3 drop as well…. I’m starting to think they’re cursed.  Seriously though the mana base was simply not as good as the straight UR list which is what I feel was it’s downfall.  I’ve contemplated running Grixis Twin as I have the cards but again am still more comfortable with my current list so here is the list I’ll probably stick to and the one I played this weekend:


Creatures: 13

2 Grim Lavamancer

4 Snapcaster Mage

4 Deceiver Exarch

2 Pestermite

1 Vendilion Clique

Other Spells: 24

4 Serum Visions

1 Peek

4 Lightning bolt

1 Spell Snare

1 Dispel

4 Remand

1 Roast

2 Electrolize

2 Cryptic Command

4 Splinter Twin

Land: 23

5 Island

1 Mountain

1 Breeding Pool

1 Desolate Lighthouse

3 Polluted Delta

4 Scalding Tarn

4 Steam Vents

3 Sulfur Falls

1 Tectonic Edge

Sideboard: 15

1 Dispel

1 Jace, Architect of Thought

1 Negate

2 Ancient Grudge

2 Anger of the Gods

2 Blood Moon

1 Roast

1 Engineered Explosives

2 Spellskite

1 Relic of Progenitus

1 Keranos, God of Storms

The Saturday event seemed to have a good mix of deck archetypes, round one I played against what seemed to be a Bant control home brew.  The Bant deck Actually seemed like a good idea but I felt it needed some tweaking, but in the end I took the round 2/0.  Round 2 was against Burn which I feel is a bad match up for twin unless we have all the answers for the early game.  I’ve found that if the Burn deck can get me down below 10 life before I can stabilize, that the game is probably over.  In the end the Burn deck got the better of me.  Round 3 was against Matt Robichaud playing U/W Tron, game one basicly ended thanks to Tectonic edge blowing out his only blue source until it was too late.  Game 2 was a lot closer but thanks to Relic of Progenitus and Blood Moon’s the game was eventually mine.  Round 4 I ended up playing against Soul Sisters which should have been a bad match up for me especially in game one, but I ended the game by end of turn Cryptic Commanding  bouncing my opponents soul sister and drawing a card with a Deceiver Exarch in play, Remand and Twin in hand with mana open for the remand the game ended my following turn.  Game 2 I decided to keep a questionable hand, 6 lands and Anger of the Gods, my opponent however decided to not play around the Anger which took out 2 sisters and a few other creatures, in the end I drew into Twin Combo and ended the Match.  Round 5 we decided to draw into top 8 only to play against each other in the first round of the top 8.  This ended up being the most  grindy match of my day as it was the mirror. Twin Vs. Twin probably the worst mirror match ever! All three games were close but in game three I was dead on board so went for the combo and lost due to a well placed removal spell.

Bobby Leblanc decided to play his Jund deck which is just full of super value cards and really puts the pressure on.  He ended up playing against UWR Ascension round 1 and ended up drawing, which is always unfortunate that early in the event. Round 2 he played against Affinity and took the match, round 3 was Grizshoalbrand, and round 4 was Burn which were both wins for Bobby.  At this point Bobby was locked into the top 8 so he and his opponent decided to play it out for top 8 positioning which he ended up losing  to the Abzan Collected Company deck.  Then ended up playing against the same Burn opponent from earlier but ended up losing.  The Burn deck ended up taking the tournament, I’m starting to think that burn is the wagon I should be getting onto as that is now several PPTQ wins this season for Burn.

With that it looks like I’ll be hitting the Origin’s Sealed PPTQ in Saint John next weekend, hope to see you there and if not wish me luck!


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