Grinding Vs. Life


Hello all it has been a while since I have had time to write thanks to work kids, other obligations and putting some effort into attending GandPrix Montreal and a few PPTQ’s.  At one point during the last month and a half my plan was to try and obtain enough Planeswalker Points to qualify for the up coming WMCQ’s as thanks to work I wasn’t sure I’d be able to attend much else, but I came to the realization that hitting the magical 500 point minimum for myself was going to be very difficult.  My hope for this year was to hit at least 2 Grand Prix’s preferably one in the spring and one in the late Summer or Fall, however GP Montreal was the first that I was able to attend.  I’ve Also been trying to hit a bunch of the Modern PPTQ’s going on around the area and unfortunately I have only been able to hit one of the Comic Hunters PPTQ’s.

Grand Prix Montreal was a great time and anyone who has not has the chance to go to a Grand Prix I hope you get the opportunity to get to one.  For those of you who did get to go to Montreal I hope you enjoyed yourself because I know I did.  Overall I did terrible in the main event but did decent in a couple grinders and made it to the finals in one of them.  I also played in the Super Sunday Series and placed in the Top 32 which for myself is awesome as it might not be that flashy, but probably counts as my best finish in an event of that size and calibre.  I feel that my biggest issue at GP Montreal was not having enough time to practice which I am sure would have made a big difference as I would of had a better understanding of the Format.  But such is life and trying to juggle everything prevents me from being able to put the time in that I would like too.

For someone like me obtaining a large amount of Planeswalker Points can be troublesome, as work and life’s other obligations prevent me from going to as many events that I would like too.  Thanks to GP Montreal and my top 16 finish of the PPTQ I was able to attend put me at 360 Planeswalker Points.  This got me to thinking that I might just be able to qualify for the WMCQ’s, at the time I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to hit any other major events this fall due to work scheduling so this was some what exciting.  However I have come to realize that obtaining another 140 Points was not going to be easy especially with all the family travelling I had planned for the rest of the summer.  I may yet be able to qualify if I can hit a few events, but I will have to do fairly well in order to make this even remotely possible.

Hitting as many PPTQ’s would definitely help obtaining more Planeswalker Points, however I have only been able to attend one PPTQ which I placed 11th overall out of 55 players with a record of  4/2 which is not a bad finish considering how much Modern I actually get to play.  The plan is to try and hit at least one or two more if time and life permits, but she shall have to see what happens.

Once I finish trying to hit as many Modern PPTQ’s that I can, Standard is going to be my main focus as the plan as of this moment is to hit Grand Prix Quebec City this coming October.  With that there is an up coming GPT  for GP Quebec City that I intend on hitting.  My hope is that I can pick up all the potentially relevant cards from Origins that might have an impact when Theros and M15 rotate out of standard this October as GP Quebec is 2 weeks after rotation.  Stay tuned for more Grand Prix Quebec City articles or mentions as play testing and brainstorm-ing for the event once we know more about Battle for Zendikar is definitely going to be a priority for me if I can make it work.

To all the MTG players out there that wish you could attend more events  or hit larger ones but can’t due to life’s obligations let me assure you I feel your pain, as those who love this game and want to achieve greater heights time put in is everything and ours can be limited.  Players like myself need to learn everything they can about a format they intend to play in so read everything you can, and play when you can.  But don’t forget the main reason we play which is to have fun.

With that I’d like to send out a special thanks to my wonderful Wife Sylvia without your love, support and understanding that which I have done in my world of Magic would not be possible.

Stay tuned for crazy brews, sleeper cards I feel might make an impact, and the many lessons learned.

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