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“Nate, I’m not just here to spew cryptic exposition about your new found destiny… I’m here to offer you a job.” To a normal person, this would be an extremely odd first encounter with someone, but when you have just finished battling forces beyond your comprehension, that came from a mole on a woman’s face, you may accept a bit of straight forward talking.

This week I am reviewing Mythic, which is written by Phil Hester, with the art work being done by John McCrea. It is a thrill ride, action style comic with a lot of supernatural demons, magics, and crazy ridiculous situation. I should start by saying that you should keep this comic out of the reach of children, as there is a lot of adult language, and people trying to have sex with a mountain goddess rock demon. Yeah, you read that right. A man, trying to get the sky and mountain to bang, by making them jealous of him… Well, let’s just get on with it. Very interesting read to say the least.

Writing – B+

Hester does an amazing job of building a unique world, with a lot of detail in it. While the dialogue is plenty, the description is very little. To be honest, there is almost no writing involved outside of dialogue, which is very unusual for comics in general. A bit refreshing that he could pull it off though, as it really worked.

With a first issue, you really get a feel for the main three characters, and what they do for the team. You also get a real sense of what is going to come as this series progresses. Even though we may know how things will go, we have no idea how they are going to get there.


Art – B+

McCrea does an amazing job of making dirty line work come off clean. While it is very scratchy, edgy, and a little over the top during some of the calmer scenes, it really gives complete life to the demons themselves, and especially the action scenes. He uses a lot of dark colors and shades, which for this type of story is almost needed to pull of. The distinction between characters is extremely well done, as each character has an almost over the top trait about them.

My only downside, and this has nothing to do with the choice, it is my personal disgust, is having the demons pop out of the woman’s face in the start. It looked like a bunch of demons popping out of a zit, and it damn near made me choke.


Definitely an interesting start to a story, and I will be adding it to my must read list. I am a fan of supernatural stories, and especially ones that take a different approach than usual. I will be stopping by The Comic Hunter for my future issues, and I hope to see you there to do so as well. Interesting story, interesting concept, and really well done execution.

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