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“I am Robin. Son of Batman. AND THAT’S ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW!” Damians famous words to start this series. His introduction to Abush, son of a thousand kings, who is holding Goliath hostage. Albeit Goliath did eat most of his sacred cows, and then eats his prized parrot looking bird, which was more of a “go screw yourself” move, but gave me a chuckle. Damian is crashed in an alternate world, just trying to free a friend, and figure out what the hell to do. The story is revolving around Damian, Nobody, and the things that Damian needs to make reparations for. The people Damian has hurt, and those he has been responsible for killing. Something his father has always tried to avoid.

I have been a Damian fan on and off for awhile now, not a fan of him killing Nightwing in the Injustice series, but I am a fan of his attitude. He is a borderline anti-hero, with a heart of gold, hidden under a shell of ice. Raised by one of the baddest men in history, it is no wonder he thinks himself to be better than most. I was hoping we would eventually see a Damian / Robin series, so let’s see what I thought of the overall feel.

Writing – A-

Written by Patrick Gleason, who is an all around creator, the character has a lot of depth. His emotion is showcased almost immediately with his reactions to Abush. The fact that he walks in arrogant, showcases his skill with hacking and electronics in general, and his lack of mercy for anyone at this point, really gives us an air of what this whole arc will be. Damian is not a bad person, but in the first six pages, you will love him, hate him, and understand him a bit better. This is the mark of a truly great writer in my opinion, to evoke many emotions in such a small span of time. For the writing alone I will be continuing this story line.


Art – A-

Mr. Mick Gray does the absolutely stunning art work on this bad boy (literally and figuratively). He breathes a fresh life into a world of comics that tends to be super dark and dreary (as Batman is meant to be) giving us a whole new spin on a universe we are all familiar with. His portrayal of color in an otherwise dim world is stunning, and choices for layout are just spot on. Something you would come to expect, but sometimes we take for granted.

I love his emotional black and grey on the flashback to visiting his mothers grave as well, it is an amazing change of pace to go from the colorful world of now, to the black and grey flashbacks of before (with a cool cameo from Dick Grayson).


Don’t think about it, just do it. You want to own this one, if for no other reason than to see Damian kick some serious ass. As the story goes on, I know that it will give a whole new life to an already constantly evolving character, and I am hoping, some form of forgiveness for himself for the things he has done. I can guarantee that this journey is going to change him, but in what ways? We shall only know by reading.

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