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“My boy, I have yet another work opportunity for you. With a twist. / Well, sir, you know how I love surprise endings.” Writer Matt Fraction has worked with artist Fabio Moon to create the newly released Casanova Acedia. Casanova Acedia is the story of Casanova Quinn, as he tries to defend his boss, who just so happens to be a crime lord with a massively secret past. It has supernatural pieces to it, but how far that will go, has not yet been revealed.

Our story starts with Quinn walking out into the city, talking about using a gun, while covered in blood. It almost immediately jumps to him getting a job for the mob boss, then to the mob bosses house for a party. A lot of jumping but it gives us a bit of story which is helpful to try and decipher what is coming later. From partying, to naked assassin women, and a group of demonic speaking psychopaths trying to murder people in a library. Honestly, I am starting to think I just love to read the most psychotic and sadistic comics there are, which most of the time are coming from Image…

Writing – B+

The story was a bit confusing at parts, but overall had a decent story line. It had a lot of original elements to it, which is always a refreshing start. I was captivated by a lot of the dialogue, and the outlines of memories / stories from his sordid past. The characters actually feel really human, and have real emotion which drives them to be who they are.

The writing it kind of limited, but it adds a lot of mystery about the character, and the upcoming stories that we will see. I am excited to see who / what is to come.


Art – C+

The art work is the kind I usually like, with a lot of dark, crazy pictures being used. For a gritty, murderous story though, the color scheme is far too light and lacks a lot of depth. There is a lot of the same tones, shades, and colors, which makes it almost come off as not being finished.

The lettering as well is very hard to decipher sometimes. It is an odd choice, and actually does take away from the story a little bit.

I know what they were going for, and I respect taking such a chance, but with a vibrant, supernatural story, it does not match the entire look of the comic. It did not takeaway from the fact that the story was a fun one to read.


This is a really decent comic read. I would not put this one ahead of your usual stock, but I would add it to your “keep an eye on” stock for sure. With the fact it does not really kill your wallet. Image is known for being a wacky company, so this one shouldn’t surprise you.

It is a good read, with decent art, so that’s really the main point to make.

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