Almost Sealed it!


This past weekend held various events in New Brunswick, multiple PPTQ’s and a StarcityGames IQ.  From what I have gathered the IQ had a decent turn out and hopefully this means we might be able to get more going in the area.   The first PPTQ unfortunately didn’t have any Monctonian Comic Hunter representation, at least to my knowledge.  However we had a car load representing the second PPTQ of the weekend, which was one of the only sealed PPTQ’s of this season held in the Maritimes.  Shams Eddine Ben Amor, Bobby Leblanc, Nick Bourque, Daniel Fudge, and myself drove up Sunday morning to Saint John to compete with high hopes of doing well.


Overall the sealed PPTQ this past Sunday went very well for myself as well as the Comic Hunter crowd that came with me.   Nick and Fudge both finished 3/3/0 in the swiss, while Bobby Leblanc finished 4/2/0.  Myself and Shams made it into the top 8, while I was Shams’ only loss(twice) finishing 4/1/1 and as for myself I went 4/0/2 being first seeded in the Top 8.  Unfortunately Shams and myself played in the first round of the Top 8 and thanks to mana screws I took the match.  Round two of the Top 8 didn’t go so well for myself loosing in 2 to Corey Melanson, between my deck not containing any good removal, Mana issues and very good play on Corey’s part the match was over in short order. Corey faced off against Chris Brennan in the finals, and in the end congratulations goes out to Chris.

The following is the deck I played in the swiss:

creatures: 13

2 Thornbow Archer

1 Anointer of Champions

1 Knight of the White Orchid

1 Relic Seeker

1 Topan Freeblade

1 Enlightened Ascteic

1 Fetid Imp

1 Knight of the Pilgrims Road

1 Stalwart Aven

1 Deadbridge Shaman

1 Priest of the Blood Rite

1 Rabid Bloodsucker

other Spells: 10

2 Celestial Flare

1 Swift Reckoning

1 Suppression Bonds

2 Reave Soul

1 Touch of Moonglove

2 Unholy Hunger

1 Brawler’s Plate

Lands: 17

1 Evolving Wilds

8 Plains

8 Swamp

The removal I opened was excellent and I really couldn’t ask for more in that department, a bomb or two  more wouldn’t have hurt but my MVC was definitely Priest of the Blood Rite which finished off a lot of my opponents. Other than that the deck curved out well and I was able to go X/0 and then draw into the top 8.

The following is my Top 8 Draft deck list:

Creatures: 14

2 Goblin Glory Chaser

2 Cleric of the Forward Order

2 Topan Freeblade

1 Enlightened Acetic

1 Thopter Engineer

1 Ghirapur Gearcrafter

1 Iroas’s Champion

1 Stalwart Aven

1 Skyraker Giant

2 Firefiend Elemental

Other Spells: 8

1 Mighty Leap

1 Swift Reckoning

1 Kytheon’s Tactics

1 Exquisite Firecraft

1 Prism Ring

2 Alchemist’s Vial

1 Throwing Knife

Lands: 17

9 Plains

8 Mountain

As you can see my Top 8 draft deck had decent creatures, but the removal was severely lacking.  I tried making up for the lack of removal with Alchemist’s Vial, which did help get some very much needed damage through but in the end the lack of removal was critically hampering.

Even though I didn’t take the event as I had hoped, which is all of our hopes I still came out of it pretty well since I started the day without Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy and walked out with a play set.  I traded for one earlier in the day, followed by getting passed one in the Top 8 draft with literally nothing else worth taking for what I was playing.  Then opened another Jace in my prize packs and used other things I opened to trade in for the fourth copy.  Now that I have my play set of Jace’s there will definitely be some brewing going on this week, especially considering there is a GPT for Quebec city next weekend. And there is a 80% chance that whatever I play could have Jace’s in the deck list, and if it doesn’t then there is 100% chance my deck will be running Siege Rhino.

This past weekends’ Standard IQ just wasn’t in the “cards” for those from the hunter that participated Other than Matt Girouard who had a top 8 finish.  Shams finished with a 0/1/2 drop, Nick Bourque with a 3/2/0 finish and Bobby Leblanc with a 2/3/0 finish.  The biggest thing that came from this event though I think is some ones life lesson on counting your deck before you present, as you might have an extra card from your opponents deck that was attached to one of your creatures…. Right Shams( don’t worry Shams I’ve made far worse mistakes, and “magic” happens)?  All joking aside counting your deck before each game is probably a good idea at larger scale events as the punishment is much higher than your local FNM.  You should also make a habit of counting your opponents deck before beginning the game to ensure things are correct.    There are so many things that can go wrong in Magic so we all need to try and not give away free wins due to simple mistakes.

Thanks to this past Sunday’s PPTQ I have broken the 500 Planeswalker Point barrier, which if you have read my past article “Grinding Vs. Life” you will see that this isn’t the easiest feat for myself.  This last event has put me to 520 Planeswalker Points and second overall in New Brunswick, I’m sure this will be short lived but is a great personal best for myself.  I’m hoping that I can hit 1350 as the minimum for this year as having a bye for next years Grand Prix’s would be awesome, but if I can’t so be it.

Now with the Modern/Sealed PPTQ season finished and the standard just beginning, that is where my focus is going to be for the next few months.  I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to be playing between now and rotation, but stay tuned for what I decide to play next weekend which will probably be what I end up playing at GP Quebec City.

Until next time, I hope I see you out there!

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