Let the Battle Commence!


Hello All and welcome back, it is finally Battle for Zendikar Spoiler season and the last 2 days have shown us some spicy new cards!  To kick things off check these out:



Another set of Dual lands which I feel since we are losing the Scry lands are great additions to a standard format using Fetch Lands.  Unfortunately these duals aren’t as readily available for mana as there predecessors but these lands are probably better during the middle to late ends of the game.  Mana fixing is definitely going to be easier thanks to these Dual Lands along with our wonderful Fetch Lands.


Another card that has potential would be this guy:

This Gideon gives us a lot of options for 4 mana, a permanent un-removable  Anthem effect (+1/+1 to all creatures for those of you who are not aware of Glorius Anthem), a 4 mana make a 2/2 every turn or hey I’m a 5/5 Indestructible coming at your face.  I definitely see this guy seeing play, as to how many copies and in what shell hard to tell at the moment. I would probably attempt him in an Abzan Midrange or aggro List or a green white list running a lot of creatures and Den Protectors to use the Anthem effect to it’s maximum potential.


We have the first Glimpse at what the Eldrazi are up to and how they have been upgraded so to speak:


Ulamog is definitely not a creature I want to see cast from my opponents hand, and all the midrange ramp effects definitely looks like it might be feasible.  When I did the math it looks like with the right hand Ulamog could potentially hit the Field as early as turn 5!  However with Leaf Gilder being needed on turn 2 and it being our only early mana dork post rotation at the moment this is probably not going to work out unless they print us something else to help out.


Then of course there is always this:

Which will be a easy 4 of in any of the Eldrazi based Decks, there aren’t many creatures that can stand up to an Eldrazi!

Another creature I like the feel of would have to be the new Omnath, not sure how playable he is going to be but if he can hit the field early and then you cast something like Anamist’s Awakening Bad things are probably in store for our opponent.


So far those are my favourite spoilers, but I am sure there will be plenty more over the next few days.


To keep you updated on my recent deck lists from last weeks article, I decided to play Grixis control which is the one I felt was the strongest from all my brewing.  However I ended up going 2/2/0 at FNM with it.  Round one I ended up playing against Burn and I had to Mulligan to 5 in game one.  Game 2 was a little better but I just couldn’t draw removal.  Round 2 was against Mono Green Devotion in which game one started off a little slow for me but I controlled the entire game. Game 2 ended poorly for my opponent who was stuck on only a couple lands which I eventually overwhelmed.  Round three should have been a win for me but alas it wasn’t meant to be playing against RG Dragon’s.  Game one I just couldn’t get the right removal before being totally blown out by multiple copies of Thunderbreak Regent.  Game two went poorly for myself at the start but I eventually got a foot hold on the game however sitting at 2 life is miserable, especially when all my opponent needed was another dragon drawn to allow his draconic roar’s to be turned on which he targeted my Tasigur with and I promptly attempted to downfall only to die to a second draconic roar.  Round four was against UW Heroic which my turn one thoughtsieze taking his only creature allowed me to quickly stabilize and win out the game.  Game two ended up in my favour due to mana screw and a lot of removal waiting for him when he finally got creatures.  All in All I like the deck but have decided to make a few changes to the list.  Here is the new list I am likely to play this coming week:

Grixis Control

Creatures: 8

4 Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy

2 Tasigur, The Golden Fang

2 Gurmag Angler

Other Spells: 26

3 Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver

4 Thoughtsieze

3 Clash of wills

3 Kolaghan’s Command

3 Languish

4 Lightning Strike

2 Heroes Downfall

2 Anger of the Gods

2 Dig through Time

Lands: 26

4 Temple of Deceit

4 Temple of Epiphany

4 Polluted Delta

3 Bloodstained Mire

2 Shivan Reef

1 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth

4 Islands

2 Swamp

2 Mountain

The Changes are that I have removed Hangerback Walker’s as well as Treasure Cruise and have added Dig through Time, Gurmag Angler and the 3rd Ashiok Nightmare Weaver into the main deck.  I also added 2 copies of Anger of the Gods as early board wipe seems to be needed against some match ups if I’m to get to the late game.  The reason I added the Angler’s is that I feel the deck needs a larger finisher than Hangerback Walker.  Ashiok also did a lot of work for the deck and allows us to use our Opponents creatures against them.


Stay Tuned this week as I am sure I’ll be posting more spoilers for Battle for Zendikar.  I also have all kinds of crazy brews going on in my head, doubt many of them are good but they definitely sound like fun to me.  here let me show you one such list, it needs a lot of work and tweaking but the idea is there:

EldraZi Green

Creatures: 20

4 Leaf Gilder

4 Shaman of forgotten ways

4 Nissa, Vastwood seer

4 Kozilec’s Channeller

4 Ulamog, the ceaseless Hunger

Other Spells: 16

4 Anamist’s Awakening

4 Hedron Archive

4 Titan’s presence

4 Explosive vegetation

Lands: 24

24 Forest


The deck is very straight forward CAST ULAMOG! and win!  The deck after looking at it needs to be faster at ramping to be competitive I feel….. but wouldn’t it be some much fun!


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