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Welcome back to another edition of This Just In! with your trusted comic guy, me. This week we will be touching base on issue one of a (so far) four part series, Wolf. Written by Ales Kot and illustrated by Matt Taylor, this thrill ride of a comic even starts with a bang.

Our story starts with Antoine Wolfe, a “magician” who is currently completely on flames, and singing a tune on top of Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles. Flash a couple pages, and we find out this world is aware of the supernatural, and try to police it the best they can. In this universe, everyone is equal. There is good supernatural, like most of what Antoine does, and bad ones, who kill, maim, mesmorize, etc.

Antoine has the abilities of being immortal, he can control a persons thoughts/actions, and he can intimidate the hell out of most immortals. Wolfe is known far and wide as a man who helps both mortals and immortals, but that he can do any job needed when the time is right. He talks a lot to his “imaginary” friends, who are actually old war buddies who were killed with him, they keep him company and help him out of sticky situations. I can’t really give out too much more detail without ruining the few twists and turns that will pop up in the book, so let’s just jump right into the book.



This has to be one of the better written comics I have had the joy of getting into. I was captivated by almost every word, and at no point did I feel it got dry, boring, or repetitive. Considering this first issue was sixty freaking pages, that is really saying something. The overall premise and tone of the comic is one of a massive supernatural feel, and Kot really showed his guns early. He is definitely one that we will be watching out for in the future, and I am more than excited to read his next issue to see where things will go.

Also, his amazing cliff hangar in the last 8 pages, is insanely brilliant. It was a hook into the comic all on its own.


Taylor has a really wild style of art, with a lot of exaggerations with body types and backgrounds. It really works well for this type of story, and adds to the supernatural feel of the whole thing. His portrayal of Freddy Cthonic, Wolfe’s Cthulhuesque friend, was an absolute treat. He had a little Davey Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean, mixed in with the real street styling of Los Angeles. He definitely made the read a lot more interesting, and added to the overall story.



This pair was absolutely spot on. I feel like the way the two of them worked together, really showcased their talents as a duo, but also as singles. You need this story, and you need to read it. Stop by The Comic Hunter, and grab your copies of one through four, plus ask them to put it on your file.

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