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Welcome back to another exciting (well hopefully they are) comic book review. This week we are jumping, or should I say shrinking, our way into The Shrinking Man. Originally by Richard Matheson, but newly adapted by Ted Adams and Mark Torres, The Shrinking Man is the story of Scott, a man who got hit by a cloud of some sort of gas, and it mutated his genetics to begin shrinking his body. He began to shrink at an alarming rate or 1/7th of an inch a day. This may seem small, but think about losing a foot of height in twelve weeks. As you can imagine, it is throwing off his life. His wife Lou and daughter Beth have to watch their father fade away, and Scott has to see their pain while it happens.

The other side, is the flash forward to when Scott is now 5/7 of an inch, and is just trying to survive. He is trying to fight a Black Widow, while reaching his golden goose, a box of crackers atop an old freezer. Just trying to get enough food to survive this disaster. The Matheson story for which this comic has even inspired writers such as Stephen King, for which King has said “I knew I could relate… I must do that.” Why don’t we see what I thought of the adaptation, of which I am usually a huge fan. Adaptations can take an older work in a brand new way, bringing it to a whole new generation of readers.


The writing is decent in this book, keeping in mind there is not a lot of original creation in the story. The emotion being portrayed works well, and the small changes needed to make the story flow right are also well done. The overall feeling of impending doom did not really come across all that well. In my personal opinion, I am not one hundred percent that they captured the true meaning and feeling of the story.

I feel that while the dialogue was powerful, there really was a lot that was missed by jumping back and forth, and skipping so much of his life while he was shrinking. I also feel that the story felt very rushed, especially for a comic.


I pride myself on always seeing the good side of most comics. I have never really given any comic a bad rating, but the art in this one is probably the worst art I have seen on print. I know that this is a style that some may enjoy, but I can not even get through the “action” scenes without seeing so many imperfections. The people are just so hard to look at, and they are completely out of proportion. Everything about the art just lacked depth to me. I found it really did not do a service to the story.

That being said there was one shining light about the art. The Black Widow depiction was almost perfect. It was not only realistic, but it was quite terrifying. So I can at least give a kudos for that.


While I may be fairly critical of this comic, it is mainly because the story is one of the most classic thriller stories in history. This comic will still be a piece that you should own, just for the story it is based on, but make sure to read the novel too.

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