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Welcome back, comic fans, to another super exciting edition of This Just In! This week we are taking a step in the world of Deadpool, to read Deadpool Vs. Thanos, another marvel versus story of epic proportions. In this story (shocking I know) we see the Merc’ with a Mouth face off against the Mad Titan in a battle that could literally destroy worlds.

Have you ever read a Deadpool comic and thought “Hey, this could be the man to take down Thanos. He has what it takes!” Well, apparently Deadpool did, and it really does not pay off. The issue starts with Deadpool literally being turned into a piece of the carpet on which Thanos should stand. He is crushed beneath Thanos massively strong fists, and as so many before him, he is easily defeated. The rest of the issue is one giant flashback about how Death is missing or captured (I am going with the latter) and calling out for Deadpool to rescue her. It is pretty easy to convince Deadpool to look, as he still considers her to be the only one to truly understand him, and love him for who he really is. A really touching side of Deadpool to see.

Let’s sit here, and break down the issue, to see our true thoughts on the overall idea and execution.


The writing in this issue is done by Tim Seeley who does an absolutely stellar job of creating a unique story that contains a few major characters, with small appearances by some characters that we do not see often. He gives every character (even some zombies) personality. There is a reason for everyone in the comic.

Above all of that, he has created a really good look on Deadpool. He is the cocky, fourth wall breaking Mercenary he always was, but he also has true emotions that he showcases in this story.



The art stylings of Elmo Bondoc is refreshing, clean, crisp, and overall really decent. I am not used to seeing such colorful work within a Versus story, especially one that is guaranteed to be a bit graphic, but Bondoc really hammered it out. I was super impressed with the artwork, the lettering, and the coloring. All around a really significant piece that was created. Not to mention that his very relaxed visions of death are really reserved to what death is usually portrayed as, so there is a lot of benefit there too.


This is a really good start to a short series. I am really interested in seeing where the comic goes, and will be making sure to follow along the way. I am interested to see how the final showdown among these two main characters will go. Thanos is not to be taken lightly, that much I am certain of.

If you have any comics you want to know more about, let me know and I am sure I will be adding it to my list.

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