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Welcome to another one of our comic reviews, lets jump in and start the review on Plutona. Released by Image Comics, written by Jeff Lemire, with artwork by Emi Lenox, Plutona is the story of Teddy, Mie, Ray, and Diane, a young group of teenagers who seem obsessed with super heroes and heroines. In this world, heroes with special abilities are the norm, helping police to apprehend the worlds most dangerous criminals, and clean up the streets for all of humankind.

Our story starts off with a small snippet of each of the characters lives, showing what their home life is like, and showing us why their personalities are the way they are. We get to see one kid being abused by an alcoholic father, one pair of kids being raised by a mother who is constantly working, one kid who is more than obsessed with superheroes, and finally a bigger girl who is used to giving others their way. I am not sure what is coming, and really do not want to spoil too much of this issue, but I feel comfortable saying that these kids may just end up being one of the worlds best superhero teams.


I loved the story, I loved the characters, and I loved the risks that were taken. To do a story with so many kids (teens) that is dark, meaningful, and has an honest message, is really a unique thing to do. The passion in this story, mixed with the real emotion hidden behind the characters is leading to a wonderful concoction of mystery heroes. I am, without a doubt, going to be reading this entire story.

The writing is on point. Above the characters though, the overall feel to the world is really good. It shows us that even with our heroes to protect us, people are still the same. They can hurt you, they can cause pain, and you can be let down by everyone and everything you love.



The art is very much perfect for this style of story. It highlights the fact that we are in a really rough world, but that we are following a group of teens, not adults. The kids all have a unique look, with their own unique personalities. The artwork is clean, it is crisp, and all around good. There is not much to critique except the fact that there really isn’t much bright colors. A few good color highlights would really make the art pop so much more.

I am really interested to see what Lenox can do next, so keep an eye out for his future stories.


This comic is worth a read, it is fun but very dark. If you are going into this expecting to read it with your young kids, don’t. I would recommend this for any reader who enjoys a good story with a really dark way to tell it.

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