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Welcome fellow comic book fans, to another comic book review with your trusted comic book reviewer. I guarantee there is no chance I could have said that sentence ten times fast. This week we will be reviewing a comic I had seen around a lot lately (On Geek and Sundry on youtube, as well as reviewed by a couple of good friends) so I knew I needed to crack it open, jumping into the mystery inside.

Adding to my usual review, I am changing things up! I will no longer be giving comics a score, because I feel that the readers deserve to know a bit more about the creators and the story, and not what I feel about their talent. This was an idea gained by a lot of feedback from a few loyal readers, so hopefully this entire review makes a lot more sense. Either way, enjoy it!

Toil and Trouble was created/written by Mairghread Scott, with the artwork and illustrating being done by Kelly & Nichole MatthewsScott known mainly for her run in the Transformers comic series, and the Matthews have teamed up to bring us the story of Smertae, Cait, and Riata, the three witches from MacBeth who cursed him and his family. Together, they brought upon the end of most of the family, and all of the pain that MacBeth had ever felt.


Smertae is just coming back from her banishment by Riata, and with her is an army of Norwegians who want the crown. Standing against them is Duncan, Malcolm, their armies, and MacBeth as a thane. This first issue is a lot of flashbacks, memories, and foreshadowing, which honestly is perfect for a comic based on William Shakespeare. I would go as far as to say that this comic is an amazing tribute to the mans works, and his story.

The witches are planning on what to do for Malcolm in the coming battle, and how to rid the world of MacBeth. Smertae is not so fond of this plan as she always had a soft spot for MacBeth, and feels they have already taken far too much from him to make things worse now. She thinks back to the three curses she placed on him, “I laid my curse upon his arms. On his body. On his mind. And for that, I am truly sorry.” She is having trouble with her orders to make sure he dies in the coming battle. So much so that her life may never be the same.

Seeing all of the flashes from her past makes her doubt her own sisters, and rethink her whole strategy. Does she save MacBeth, does he die, will she be banished again, or revered as a goddess? Only time will tell in this one, and I can assure you that it is needed to read. For anyone who is a fan of Shakespeares, MacBeth, or war stories in general, you need this book. It is one of the best reads I have ever had the pleasure of opening.

Artwork? Fantastic! Writing? Near perfect! Honestly, you need this in your life.

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