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Welcome again to our weekly journey into the wide world of comics. This week we will be reviewing This Damned Band, which is a story of Motherfather, one of the greatest rock bands of their time. Blessed by the power of Black Magic, which seems to have been provided by selling their souls to the Devil, they rock the faces off of everyone who is blessed (or cursed) enough to see their shows.

Brought to us by writer Paul Cornell with the psychedelic artwork being done by Tony Parker, this is a wild ride from start to finish. A story of dark evils, real band struggles, and so much drug use you feel pretty sure you are looking into Keith Richards Tuesday afternoon.

The story starts while there is a documentary being filmed about the band Motherfather, and their twisted, self told origins. Each band member has a completely different outlook on life, but they all have the same passion, music. Well, that and groupies, drugs, alcohol, touring, having sex in the rehearsal rooms, and doing their best trying not to completely trip out when the audience turns into mindless zombie freaks, while a demon snakelike scorpion woman is flying overhead trying to entice them. Seriously, I’m ninety percent sure everyone associated with this story was on some really bad drugs, but it works, it works so well.




This story is a blitz to your senses, and really spends a lot of time jumping around all over the place. It is a nice, original read, but can be really confusing at parts. There was a few times I felt myself not really following what was happening, just because there was way too much happening. It was an honest look at a group of men who would literally sacrifice their own souls for fame and fortune, and it gives a really good representation of what fame and money can make a person do.

As this story progresses, I am sure we will dive a lot deeper into what really gave these guys their power, and why they are irresistible, even though they have slightly above average talent. For now, they do a good job keeping us wondering what the hell is going on.

The art is amazing, it is on point, with a very light and easy feel, but a dirty background for the supernatural. I am really excited to see what will be coming from this story, but above that, I am fascinated why anyone thought that this story would make logical sense to put into comic form.

I know this review is all over the place, and for that I am sorry. I really do not know whether this is an amazingly well designed story, or a confusing piece of mindless creation just meant to sell issues. For the first time in my entire life, as well as career as a reviewer, I am just not sure.

You should pick up a copy and see what you think, let me know what you get from this. Until next time, I hope your comics are everything you want them to be and more.

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