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Welcome back to THIS JUST IN! our weekly comic review of issue ones from around the world. This week we will be reviewing  The Paybacks, which is a comic I have had my eye on for a while. It is one part direct and dirty action, and several parts rip roaring hilarious situations.

The Paybacks is the story of a superhero repo team. The group goes after heroes who have borrowed money from The Boss in order to start their own origins. The Paybacks get called in when you miss your payments, and take back all the wondrous items you own. You own a jet? It is gone. You own an invisible suit of armor? Yep, definitely gone. What about your butler? Well, actually he is dead. Got in the way a bit. If you do not have enough things to pay off the debt, than you have to work for the team to pay it down. This is really not that beneficial, as the first issue shows us it is a job that can claim an awful lot of lives.


The story starts with the team going to Night Knights home (He is the mother f’ing Batman, seriously, read it) and having to deal with Arthur, his butler. Night Knight is out on the town trying to stop Reflectoid from killing a whole mess of people. This guy is a master of mirrors, who kills people with reflective glass. I couldn’t even help but busting a gut in laughter at that. His suit is just a bunch of mirrors strapped to his chest.

As the story goes on, Night Knight actually lets the bad guy go so he can get home and try to stop the Repo team from taking all of his stuff. Really does not go over very well, as he gets his ass handed to him by Alpha (A) team, while Beta team is trying to get another repo done elsewhere, killing everyone on the team except a lone survivor.

This story is absolutely hilarious, and honestly super refreshing in the world of comic books. The team itself is made up of Driver (he’s mysterious), a large frightening Russian known as The Soviet Nunchuk, a freaking Sasquatch known as Skisquatch, Emory Rains the leader, Bloodpouch the mouth of the group, and a bunch of other third rate heroes. Honestly, one of the best superhero groups I have ever seen. I can not wait to read more, as issue twos cover makes it look like they are Repoing Ironman.


Here is my recommendation, get your butt down to The Comic Hunter, demand this comic, and read it. Do not stop until you have read it all, then go back and read it again paying attention to the little details. The background images alone are absolutely funny.

Tune in next week when we review a new comic for your reading pleasure! Until then, enjoy the stories, and see you at The Comic Hunter.

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