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Welcome to another edition of THIS JUST IN, the weekly comic review by myself, to showcase another first issue of a comic. It may be new, old, or somewhere in between, but no mater what, it will be something you will be interested in learning about.

This time we are doing a review on a comic that has been catching a lot of flack around the internet and television, Captain America’s Sam Wilson number one.

This story is one of the first we get to see with the mantle of Captain America being handed over to one of Steve Rogers best friends, Sam Wilson (AKA Falcon). Sam has been given the title, but apparently decided to step away from the traditional idea of what Captain America is, and stand up for all of the people themselves.


Sam holds a press conference, trying to explain to America what his plans are, and how he will best be able to assist them, but in true media fashion he is misquoted, and labeled a traitor. Kicked out of shield, no longer working for the United States government, Sam Wilson takes his new Avengers and starts their own hotline for people who need their help. Getting flooded by the usual cat stuck in a tree, or my neighbor is being mean to me influx of callers, they spend a lot of their time searching for the real cases.

In this issue, after all of the explaining about what they had to do, and how Sam got to this point in his life, there is an actual case. He has to face off against the Supreme Commander, who honestly is just a guy from the south who is hunting illegal aliens. With his group of racist little bigots, he is trying to cause chaos along the border.

Sam shows up to try and help out, and just as he does, so does Steve Rogers.


I can fully understand why this issue was a bit controversial, as they really are taking a beloved character, and changing everything about him. They are changing his style, his entire concept of justice, and also his personality itself. I know it is a reboot, and for that I am trying my best to remain open minded about the whole thing.

I am happy about the artwork, and think the entire comic itself was an amazing change to an already built character.The story itself is a little shaky for me, but not so much that I will not continue reading the future issues, however I think having him face some sort of backwoods Hitler wannabe really is what makes me lose a lot of respect for the new reboot.

I feel like there is so many ways they could have gone with this, but they chose to go with a shock value story just because it was a shock value story.

You need to make your own decision, but for me, I will have to wait and see what is to come. Either way, grab issue 1 from The Comic Hunter, and tell me what you think about it.

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