THIS JUST IN! – Radioactive Spider Gwen V2 (001) – Marvel Comics


Welcome back to another exciting comic book review with your ordained comic book guru (self proclaimed of course) the wonderful Adam! This week I really wanted to touch on an amazing piece of work Radioactive Spider Gwen, which was released by Marvel Comics as an alternate story to the usual Spiderman story that we all know and love. In this world it was Gwen who was bitten instead of Peter, giving her all the same powers that Peter had, but looking so much better in a near spandex suit. I am not saying this only because she is a female, I am saying this because her actual suit is very modern, and honestly has a freaking kick-ass style.

Gwen Stacy, crime-fighter, and high school student, wakes up late for her first day at a new job. Breaking a promise she made to her father, she puts on her costume to make it to work in record time. Of course, with her luck, her web shooters are not working, and she lands directly on a cop car. What follows is a whole slew of mistakes, mishaps, and completely emotional occurrences in her real life, and in the flash backs we see of her life with Peter and Harry.


Well, what life there was before Peter met his untimely demise. I guess no matter which life we are in, one of the characters has to meet their maker well before they should. In Peters world, it is Gwen, and now vice versa. Either way, a young teen dies far too soon for their own good, and always because of a bad guy in some way.

Spiderman is a story that has been around for a long time, and has had so many side stories (Mary Jane, Gwen, Alternate Dimensions, Etc) but this is the first time they went as far as to recreate the entire premise of the story.We are introduced to the same world, with a lot of the same people, villains, and even Frank Castle working with the police force to try and battle the super villains after Gwen’s father was fired from the police force for switching stances. When Gwen admitted to him who she was, she put him in a very rough spot, knowing very well he was not going to want to kill or capture his daughter.


The artwork in this issue is a bit dirtier than we have been used to in the Spider verse, but it really does work to tell this story. You get a sense of urgency when it comes to how little hope this city really has, being that they are constantly trying to survive the severe attacks.

The writing is amazing, and very captivating, making me know that it will be a story that will last. This is one of the comics I will want to follow for quite some time. I hope you give it a chance, and fall for it as quickly as I did.

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