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Hey comic fans, welcome back to another edition of THIS JUST IN, where we take time to review new comics. Always focusing on number ones, I decided to try out the highly anticipated Tet, from the team of Paul Allor and Paul Tucker, Tet is an insane story of what happens with one mans journey during the Vietnam war.

Eugene seems to be a normal guy, who has survived a hell of a circumstance. Being the only living member of his platoon, and almost immediately falling in love with one of the natives, his life seems almost unbelievable. From one extreme to the other so quickly.

During the war, there were many casualties, and not all of them from the fighting. Men were murdered just for being in the country just like Eugene’s friend Chip, which is where this issue takes us.

We are looking for the man or men who are responsible for killing a high ranking city official, and A US soldier who was just out and about the town (or so we are made to think.) The journey to finding out is one of great self discovery, and analyzing Eugene’s self worth.



This story has a truly interesting feel to it. It makes you think about the true pain involved in any sort of conflict, but especially between brothers in arms. The writing really pulls of the ability to show the emotion you gain for another person who is sacrificing everything to stand beside you. With an amazingly gritty style of art, it all ties together in a neat little blood bath induced bow.

I have read a lot of comics, and have always been interested in realistic / history based comics, and based on what I have seen from this series so far, they really are trying to give off the feeling of being in the warzone, and not knowing what is going to happen on the day to day.

There is even a small glimpse of an older Eugene, back at home (so we know he survives, unless they are pulling some “Lost” shit on us) too proud to even allow the mailman to help him get his mail at his door. He has to prove he can make it on his own, with no help from anyone else.

It is clear that he does contain a very “better than you” attitude in most situations, and it probably was made to come off like American bravado, but is written in such a way that it leaves you really wanting to find out what in this character’s past made him like this. What is his real origin story.

All in all, I give this comic a “Readable” rating, which goes to show that a decent story, with some decent art, can really give off a more than adequate feel in a story. I do intend on staying with this one to see how the rest of the story will play out, and I hope you will join me on this journey.


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